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Store Championship in Pittsburgh, PA (GASP Games Day]

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What:: A Game of Thrones LCG Store Championship event 
Where:: Holy Family Manor Rental Hall
When:: Saturday February 8th, noon to 7pm


Registration is handled through the GASP Meetup site.


Event registration will start at 11am, tournament kicks-off promptly at noon.

Cost:: $5 (includes drinks and 1 door prize raffle ticket, additional tickets extra) 
Format:: 60 minute games, Swiss-style tournament (still determining Joust vs Melee) 
• Match Win = 5 points 
• Modified Match Win = 4 points 
• Draw = 2 points 
• Modified Match Loss = 1 
• Match Loss = 0 points 
Max Players:: 32 (# of rounds based on # of players) 
• 8 or less 3 Rounds 
• 9-16 4 Rounds 
• 17-32 5 Rounds


What to Bring 
• Each player must bring one tournament-legal deck. Please check the FFG tournament rules for AGoT for Joust restricted cards. 
• Decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance. Plot decks must number exactly seven cards and have no more than one of any plot card with the same title.


Location Information:: 
Holy Family Manor Rental Hall
301 Bellevue Road 
Pittsburgh, PA 15229


Directions are located here

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Just a reminder that this event is tomorrow, and there are still plenty of spaces remaining.


I also updated the directions link, as we made some minor updates to help with where to park.


Hope to see some new faces tomorrow!




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We had a low turn-out for the event, but we managed to recruit 2 more players and held a 4-player tourney.  It was fast at only 2 rounds, but everyone walked away with a nice game at and 3x promo cards.

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