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looking for group at UTD

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What is your favorite type of pie?

:) sorry couldn't resist the joke.

Good luck with your hunt. I live in Germany, but if you're willing to commute...

Try Meetup.com pen and Paper games. Obsidian Portal. These are some good places to look for gamers.

I have met all 5 of players in my local area through meetup. There might be some other good ones out there to find gamers, if anybody else has any suggestions please list them. Also, don't forget your favorite local game store (FLGS),,.

Good luck out there Darthsylar, hope you find a good group to have some awesomeness with.


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Germany here too. Let me know if you make that commute to R2buider, my wife, daughter, and I would be glad to join in :D

We're in the Kaiserslautern area Logan. I'm a player* in R2's game.



*Attourney at Raw, Chief rules antagonist, General grognard PITA, etc. :D

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