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Question about the rules

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I have a question about the Counter and Advance steps of the game. In the Rulebook under Advance it says:


"After an attack eliminates an adjacent target unit or forces an adjacent target to move from its original hex during combat, the attacking unit may Advance. To advance, the attacking unit moves into the target unit's original hex.


A unit cannot advance if it is resolving a counter."


So here is my question, if the attack forced the unit to Retreat. That unit cannot counter since it would be no longer adjacent to the attacking unit so there would be no need for the advancing unit to wait until the counter is resolved. The only thing I can think of why they said "A unit cannot advance if it is resolving a counter" is for ranged attack?






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It means the "defender" of the original attack (i.e. the non-active player) who make a counter-attack and destroy or force the original attacker to retreat cannot advance.


Edit: ranged attacks cannot be counter-attacked.

Edited by Angus Lee

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