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Beren Eoath

WFRP 4e - how shoould it look?

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Looking at the fact of no announcements, lack of informations and so on the future of Warhammer Fantasy looks darker then it should.  The biggest queston still remains what FFG will do with the line and licence to make games set in the Old Worls. Looking at how many ideas they could be and how many games they could make I would like to discus, for a few moments how the new games should be like.

One of my first and biggest wishes for a game would be a new, redesigned Warhammer Quest. A cooperative game with no GM and players as heroes that explore the Old World. This could be a good card game or a board game with some RPG feeling.

The next one would be a new WFRP. Looking at how succesful are the lines that are splited like SW or W40k I just wondered if theis can be applied to WFRP? If yes, then how it could be splitted? Based on:

- races: so that would lead to an human, elf and dwarf lines (but how about halflings or ogres then?)

- regions: so one for Empire, other for Bretonia and so on

- based on specific aspects of the Old World: so there would be a setting like Defend the Border when you would play a military campains, The Heresy Within: focused on heresy, cults and set in the cities; Wildlands: with andevtures set in the forests, mountains and other wild places where the civilisation never come

The last example would be a good fit, maybe even the best, becouse it would allow them to make 3 line in every they could fit a little bit diferend races options, other careers. And all would be compatible within those.

Do You think FFG will drop the licence or continue it and still make games set in Warhammer Fantasy?

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