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Call of the Wild: move monster out of Pit with Recall Servant?

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First game of Call of the Wild today, what a HOOT!  But you knew that.


Situation: monster moved onto a Pit with Unnatural Haste and halted with additional movement from Unnatural Haste discarded.  Pit renewed to new Pit, and Keeper has sufficient Threat remaining.


Question: may Keeper still on current Keeper Action step use Recall Servant ("Choose a monster and move it to any space containing an altar or to the Ritual Site . . . .") to move the monster from the Pit to the Ritual Site?


Please justify your answer citing Rules of Play, etc.


Pro:  Recall Servant does not use "normal movement," a term from elsewhere in FAQ's and errata.  E.g., the monster can be moved out of a room through a wall, or across an impassible barrier.  Thematically, why not out of the bottom of a pit?  The monster is not "moving," it is "being moved."


Con:  "Each time [a figure] moves or is moved into a space containing a pit . . . The figure must end its movement in the space and cannot move further this turn for any reason." (CoW p. 5)  Also, the Recall Servant card uses the word "move."  And the best justification to not allow the movement, to paraphrase demozon: there's an explicit rule which prohibits the movement, and no explicit rule which allows this exception.


Thanks, Mack.

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