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Tech-Priest Looking for Group (Non-PbP Preferred)

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Well, I've been looking everywhere for a game of DH where I can play a Tech-Priest that I have been cobbling together (In my head) for the last week. But I just can't find a game that is not full, not PbP or not dead.


So I came here after much poking around and decided to post my interest here and hope for the best.


I'm looking for a game run over voice (Preferably) or text. Mature / Respectful players is a plus, but I'm not against some joking around. :P


Now to the info.


Some info about me:

Name: Jeremia

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Nationality: Swedish (GMT +1, but I live like a GMT -5)

Languages: Swedish, English (Slight accent)


Character Info:

Everything is still really malleable and not much is set into stone. Only four things are set so far:

- Mind Cleansed

- Tech-Priest

- Needs to start with the Cybernetic Resurrection (500xp) Package from Inquisitors Handbook

- Plans to become Secutor (Can change)


Background is a dreamy mist and the personality is rough and uncut.


And that's about it. To get a hold of me you can contact me on (aside from the obvious :) ) on Steam ( ) or Skype ( golden_crow ).

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