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Proofreading and Tweaks

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1. On p.73 Common Lore lists Intelligence and General Aptitudes, but on p. they are Intelligence and Knowledge.


2. There is no Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) but it is listed as Skill Requirement for Targeting Systems Destroyed on p. 217.


3. Rouge Trader talents, such as Blade Master on p. 287 absent in the DH2.


4. There is nothing about how "Difficulty of the test, is determined by the NPC’s Disposition" p. 233.


5. There is no Disposition Levels as per p. 86 (wrangling).


6. No guidelines how "An Inquisitor might establish credit on a world for his Acolytes" (p. 108).


7. When Subtlety is used as a Test Modifier (p. 226) in RAW it is easier (for example) to do Inquiry in criminal underworld (+20 bonus from Subtlety check) than from loyal citizens (no Bonus). Maybe this use of Subtlety must offset penalties not give bonuses?


8. When using the Sacrifice option (p. 224) decrease Influence by 1d5 is too harsh. You can loose as many Influence as per "Declaring Exterminatus on a world without proper cause". Maybe 1 point per -10 penalty on Inf test is better (i.e. 3 Influence for Very Rare Item/Service) and Subtlety loose for  Item/Service with bonus (i.e. 1d10-2  Subtlety for Plentiful Item/Service).

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