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Award for most confusing rules game

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I really want to like this game, but it seems the makers do everything in their power to make it challenging before play even begins. The rulebook is as confusing as the videos on YouTube.


Welcome to the world of Fantasy Flight Games.

Amongst my gaming groups here in London, we FFG is widely known for making great games, but with some of the worst written rules anywhere.

Pretty much all the games we've played are great, and Call of Cthulhu LCG is no exception, and all the rules are poorly written, poorly laid out and confusingly explained.

But once you get past the incredibly poorly written rulebooks (CoC, GoT, CitOW are hilarious  examples of this), then they have some really amazing games.

Perseverance, and learning the game by asking here and on CardGameDB and Board Game Geek is well worth it...


But yeah, I really wish FFG would get some people to read the rulebooks and edit them appropriately before they published their games...

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