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Age of Rebellion Release date

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Edge of the Empire was originally set to be released in May. I'm thinking we should hear an announcement very soon on Age of Rebellions release date.


I think it is more likely to be released in July/August, but I have no evidence to support that.


Well, the EotE core rulebook got released in early July, so there is that.  But by the same token, it was supposed to be released in early May as part of FFG's Star Wars Weekend last year, and was pushed back for unspecified reasons (beyond "need to update some things to make it a better product")


Given one of the criticisms about the Age of Rebellion Beta was that it came out too close on the heels of the EotE core rulebook, I'm inclined to think that FFG is going to try shoot for an earlier release month than EotE, if only to give folks more time to read and make use of the AoR core rulebook before the Force & Destiny Beta gets released at GenCon.


The AoR Beginner Box is currently listed as being slaved for a Q2 2014 release, and again there were complaints/concerns of the EotE Beginner Box being released to far ahead of the EotE core rulebook; even without the delay, 6 months (early December to early May) is a long time, particularly as the EotE Beginner Box didn't really include any options for making your own PCs.  As FFG strikes me as a company that tries to learn from its mistakes, I think the AoR core rulebook will likely be a month (two at most) out from when the Beginner Box drops, so if said box drops in early to mid April, then the AoR core rules would drop in May, with early June being the latest I'd think.

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