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Deck: Boromir's Fire

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Sorry to post the same deck that is in the Keeping Count for fun thread, but after many small tweaks from some great suggestions, and also the deck has nothing to do with Keeping Count, this modified deck was buried under a number of posts and I thought it could use it's own thread. For those wanting to read more about the decks evolution can check out this thread.

Hero (3)

Boromir (TDM) x1

Aragorn (TWitW) x1

Glorfindel (FoS) x1

Ally (3)

Master of the Forge (SaF) x3

Attachment (29)

Gondorian Fire (AoO) x2

Gondorian Shield (TSF) x3

Keeping Count (TRG) x3 i am playing this as Deep Knowledge event from VoI, can play as is too.

Expert-Treasure Hunter (OTD) x3

Blood of Numenor (HON) x2

Light of Valinor (FoS) x3

A Burning Brand (CatC) x2

Asfaloth (FoS) x1

Protector of Lorien (Core) x1

Song of Wisdom (CatC) x2

Healing Herbs (FoS) x2

Resourceful (TWitW) x3

Song of Travel (THoEM) x2

Event (18)

A Test of Will (Core) x3

Gondorian Discipline (EaAD) x3

Elrond's Counsel (TWitW) x3

Daeron's Runes (FoS) x3

Lay of Nimrodel (TMV) x3

Dwarven Tomb (Core) x3


Resourceful x3, Blood of Numenor, and Gondorian fire get attached to Boromir. In addition he will get Song of Wisdom and Burning Brand, and Song of Travel. He will also get Gondorian Shield, Song of Travel is for using Boromir and his many resources with Lay of Nimrodel for will power based quests which is quite impressive.

I like to use to use Expert Treasure Hunter mid-late game after I have got a copy of Master of the Forge in play and a number of my key attachments. Then I will start to call event to thin the deck and get the key events needed for threat reduction and Lay of Nimrodel for questing.

The 3 Dwarven Tomb are to recycle Elrond's Counsel.

If you only have one core set and every thing else, replace 2 Dwarven Tomb with 2 Galadhrim's Greeting. The 1 test of will can be replaced with your choice of any card that has only 2 or 1 copies in the deck.

Of course any questions, comments, suggestions, and general feedback is always welcome.

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Nice, Journey down the Anduin was a piece of cake with this deck.

Although I didn't really used Keeping Count in this quest (didn't used as a proxy for Deep N.)

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I have had 2 victories on Morgul Vale with the following modifications to the deck above

take out these 8 cards

Lay of Nimrodel x 3

Song of Travel x2

Keeping Count x3 (Deep Knowledge)

Add in

Behind Strong Walls x2

Feint x3

Asfaloth x1

Protector of Lorien x1

If you have Elrond's Counsel in opening hand quest with every one and lower threat and hope for the best. If not you better hope you have A Gondorian Shield, Fient or something to absorb his attack. Don't even bother questing with anyone unless Glorf has LoV. Take on Murzag and take him out with all three heroes if possible. If you are lucky you can do the same thing with Alcaron the next round, but the Nazgul in the end will be tough on round 3. By the way I lost all my games with that strategy, but it's kind of the only thing you can do. But that was before i changed the deck around. I think stalling to engage Murzag with threat reduction has a better chance at winning. Asfaloth is key for clearing locations Because quest power is next to nil.

Also, I discovered an new way to deal with Master's Malice. Songs! My two non lore heroes had Song of Wisdom attached, so even Master of the Forge was protected.

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I was going to ask you how your build handled MV, because mine needs to get REALLY lucky.

After a few more games the best combination of cards that I've found for this deck vs. Morgul Vale

(Edited in the deck Above)

Is to add back the 3 Expert treasure Hunter, remove the 3 Deep Knowledge (keeping Count) you would be crazy to raise your threat purposefully on this scenario.

behind Strong walls x2

Feint x 3

And one more Song of wisdom to try to counteract Master's Malice if you can't cancel it.

And 1 more PoL the first should go to Glorfindel for Questing unless Boromir needs it for defense in a desperate situation.

I just won 2 times in a row with this build, but it is not easy. Try your best avoid Murzag and build up your defenses if possible. Burning Brand is crucial, and so is Asfalof. Try to not get to many tokens on the Tower. The last two games it had 4 and Asfaloth was able to take care of it by placing progress before the round closed and then before questing to remove it.

Expert treasure hunter was really clutch for digging up the last threat reducing events in the deck when my threat was in the mid 40's on the last few rounds while I was chipping away at the Nazgul. PoL was also key, at that point any attachments retrieved by master of the Forge went directly into willpower on the quest if needed.

Also try to get those song of wisdoms on Boromir and Glorf as soon as possible. If possible try to keep archery and other when revealed damage on Aragorn since you want to call lore to not lose MotF, so If Master of Malice does pop out Glorfindel usually needs to be prepared for the hit until he has SoW or can cancel it. The first SoW should always go to Boromir.

There is tons of little strategy to work this out, so don't be surprised if it does not work for you right off the bat. This deck should have a really good chance at it though.

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Just beat Conflict at the Carrock Nightmare deck with this player deck.

Ended with 49 threat because I abused of Boromir's readying effect, but didn't feel much pressure from the trolls during the game (although I was kinda scared when then all came in play).

Loragorn's threat reset was mandatory too.

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