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"Transportation arrangements"

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Transmission intercepted 26 years ago
Translated from House Kanone High Mnemonic Code F008A3
Translation finished three hours ago


"Transportation arrangements"


Ciacconio, Cousin, Friend


It is I, Zussa Kanone the youngest of three brothers born into a rich merchant family in the Salonica system. The Viridis line of Kanone family. The families' holdings stretched across the system. A Multitude of large holdings, including shipping rights, estates and vassals on agricultural and mining worlds across the system that sustain, the hive world Salonica Prime. My early years were spent high in the hive spire of Hive Ripoll, a scion of House Kanone. Yes, I miss that carefree life of decadent luxuries. 


Early in my twenties my brothers conspired against me. They had me kidnap and I was abandoned in the underhive.  A manhunt was ordered by my father to search for me. The families' Arthur Unit found me, but I made sure no trace of was found. I would come back from the underhive and surpass them, my brothers. During those early dark years I was able to endure and grow in experiences thanks to followers of our families' patron and the offense capabilities of the Arthur Unit. However I will not record my travels in the underhive or what I did during those early years at this time. 


Forty years to the day, I was able returned to the spire as a ranked member of the Ecclesiarchy, a second to Bishop Cerritos Borge Directorium Mutantus of Salonica Prime. To the shock of the family, their long lost Zussa a Vatter, a scholar priest of the Ecclesiarchy.  A Vatter is a scholar priest specializing in human biologis, the so called holiness of the human perfectness. I do have an understanding of medicae and in the control of corruption that debases the human form. My last few years in the underhive, while toiling for the Ecclesiarchy I was able to document two hundred three mutations and mutant types from missionary outpost in the underhive.  Each carefully registered into "Desino Mutantus" of Hive Ripoll. Ecclesiarchy thinks' by cataloging of the mutants in the underhive, they are better able to track the health of the "Emperors faithful" in the hive. If they saw it in its entirety, the corruption is the least of their problems.


Thirty years after my return to the Spire disaster struck during the Concordat of Photian.  I became involved in a theological controversy with a member of the Inquisition. One Asimov March, of the Ordo Hereticus he demanded trial by combat. The combat didn't last long the inquisitor's champion was a trained killer. The finishing hit was a gouge to the head which destroyed my left eye knocking me out. Bishop Borge stopped the combat, admonishing Inquisitor March for injuring his servant.


Nonetheless the harassment from the inquisitor continued in the end the only choice left was to depart the system. After receiving a replace for the eye and having the Arthur Unit destroy the Inquisitor's champion I boarded an Ecclesiarchy pilgrimage vessel headed out of system with Bishop Cerritos Borges' blessing.


I moved every few years, to keep one step ahead of Inquisitor March. I have been well shielded from the Inquisition by the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Navy for over the last hundred fifty years. Moving ship to ship is easy if you have the thrones, Imperial Navy or merchant vessels were both the same a few hundred to a few thousand thrones to buy an position within the ship hierarchy. Over the years I have served on many vessels, as the Habitum Mutantus (Twistcatcher), Ships Confessor, or Directorium of Medicae. 


Yes, cousin Osinarius has sent word that the inquisitor has finally meet his end, but at this time I cannot return. To my amazements housed within the Arthur Unit was a relic of our families'patron that was exposed during my last battle with Marchs' acolytes. I am now compelled to journey beyond the Imperium to research the relic,


It will take an additional thirty years at the most. It is true that I am fast approaching my third century of life. I am still in the very good health due to a very strict exercise routine and rejuvant treatments; yes I do use the families' wealth to buy myself a few luxuries now and then. I will return at that point and take care of my responsibilities to the family.


Ciacconio, Friend, Cousin I have been told you have the ear of this Rogue Trader Carausius Goth. I am in need of transportation beyond the Imperium of Man. So that I may serve our family's Patron, once within the Koronus expanse there will be followers of our families' patron, who will provide for my needs.


Do you remember that time with Cousin Jascina in that saloon on the lower level, what was that place called?


Thank you dear Cousin, Friend



Vatter of the Ecclesiarchy
"Cousin of House Kanone"

Savant Falador

Classify as Alpha 3
Burn all data containers.
Mindwipe all personnel involved with translation.
Send hard copy to sector... Cursum Courier...ensure the courier is burned upon delivery

"The Emperor doesn't shed tears for heretics"

Provide tabula on

Zussa Kanone...Scion House kanone...Vatter Ecclesiarchy
Ciacconio Kanone... Transactor House Kanone
Jascina Kanone... Sicarius House Kanone
Osinarius Kanone...Ludio House Kanone
Carausius Goth... Rogue Trader...Pirate
Have Magos Strom provide tabula on
Arthur Unit...Profundus Utilitas Servitor...Archeotech

Infestus Insequor Terminus

Inquisitor Lanka
Agent of Orange
The Scourge of the Cameronlites

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