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Warhammer 50k and the Terra singularity

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Hey guys. I'm working on a really big campaign with some ideas that I have a LOT of trouble integrating.

Story introduction:

As suggested in the title, it will be set in the year 50k. The Galaxy is being ripped apart by the "Terra singularity" a man-made black hole with a mass of 100 million solar masses. The Eldar are extinct save for but one, who resides alone in the last craftworld. Yet some Dark Eldar still linger, they too are very few in number. The imperium of man is shattered as their connection to the Emperor is lost, as it is thought that Earth was swallowed up by the Terra Singularity, and indeed this cosmic creation was formed in our solar system. While the destruction of the Galaxy has not yet completed, as the Gravity from the black hole has yet to reach the entire galaxy, impending doom is upon all, and even the Chaos God's have discovered fear, spawned from this creation of man. Though the Terra singularity was actually a massive failure, for the black hole was meant to swallow up the entire universe and rebirth it in a second big bang. This group of brilliant, yet insane scientists call themselves the M.O.P. or Mothers of Purity, as they believe that the universe is so full of filth, destruction, and suffering, that the only option is to see to it's rebirth.

Tyranids have been infected with a M.O.P. created virus that rots their brain, driving them insane and makes them kill all who are in their line of sight, including other tyranids. Some Tyranids are yet unaffected, and the hive mind contemplates how to save the universes biomass.

Necrons have been assimilated by the M.O.P. and their technology utilized to advance their goals.

Tao are under threat of extinction, but can still be seen wandering the galaxy. 

Orc still luv da fightin and don't really understand or care about whats going on. (Though that may change if they figure out that they won't be able to do da fightin no more cuz o big humie black suckers)

Ideas for gameplay:

The idea is, that this is such a great threat, that alliances are forged that before could NEVER be possible, such as Chaos, Tao, Dark Eldar, Orcs, and even Tyranids teaming up with branches of the imperium. The group will be the elite team that tries to stop the M.O.P. before they can create a black hole big enough to suck up the entire universe.

As you can imagine, when I brought this idea of these alliances up, there was a LOT of nay-saying on the part of my more lore savvy friends of the 40k universe. There is also the issue with mechanics. If someone wanted to play a Tyranid, how would it balance out in combat vs a space marine, how can I still make combat fun with such powerful party members? What kinds of missions should I write that would make sense for this roustabout group of aliens and men? 

Basically, how do I get this idea to work?

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I realized to late that this should be in the GM section, but alas, the topic is already up. At least this will get more people to see it...

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A very interesting idea. It may be worth using the Rogue Trader rules as they already have rules for playing many xenos species, such as Dark Elder, Orcs and Kroot and I think on the forums there are player created rules for playing Tau somewhere.


Tyranids are a bit more problematic but you could come up with one off mutant, tyranid specially designed to work with others to find a solution to the problem, possibly by adding a mutant template to a normal archetype. I would go for something along the lines of a hybrid genestealer to avoid to much imbalance.


The rest of the options from other lines should be able to be transferred using the cross over rules though of course Space marines and CSM would be over-powered compared to other options and characters from OW might be quite weak to start  but more flexible and can also be powered up with greater starting XP.


I'll have a think about possible missions and get back to you........

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Hey thanks man! I'll go ahead and post all my content I've written so far so you can take the idea and use or adjust it as you will, or so you can just take a look if you're interested in the story. Though some of it has SPOILERS if you are a player character.


Terra singularity


When the Galaxy was in peril and teeming with dread and the suffering of the masses, it maddened man to it's breaking point. Soon after, all, even omnipotent gods, feared the creations of man as they gave birth to the Terra singularity


Discovering that Earth is not yet destroyed is going to be a big reveal later in the campaign. When the party lands on the surface to investigate a strange radio signal on an incredibly fast moving lone planet, though they are unaware it is Earth until they find people living on the planet.

When our solar system was sucked away, it took first the sun. While Mercury and Venus soon followed, Earth, and it's further planets, were spared, but flung deep into space. Some still live on Terra deep beneath the ground, and have lost all means to communicate with the rest of the galaxy, as the surface of Earth has nothing but sub-zero temperatures, and equipment to navigate in such an environment is scarce, the missions are dangerous, and humanity within Terra is still trying to solve the issues of simply sustaining it's current population. Though this is simply a lonely giant ball of ice to the rest of the galaxy, as many others like it are seen in space, as their suns too simply disappeared and thus they were sent to sail the vast black sea of space. None yet know why that caused entire stars to disappear, though all know the occurrence happened shortly after the Terra singularity was formed. The super massive black hole that our galaxy used to revolve around is dwarfed by the Terra singularity in terms of mass, a whopping 100 million solar masses. It has destroyed the inner workings of the galaxy and impending doom is upon all who dwell there. The very shape of the galaxy has drastic changes, and much of it is gone from this universe entirely.


The Hero's however start on a planet near a system undaunted by the Terra Singularity thus-far, yet too it's doom is near as the Singularity is tearing apart the galaxy, and indeed it has had it's effects on the planet. There was once an abundance of technology on this planet, as all others inhabited by man. Yet a world wide blackout occurred, and all electronics on the planet simply stopped functioning. When new technologies were created, they never functioned. After about 40 years with no working technology, the mysterious force that rendered all technology inert, simply vanished. Though the planet's inhabitants are partially aware that technology was disrupted by a magnetar, and nobody has attempted to create electronics for the past 30 years.



What the hero's hear!


You are all stranded on the planet Tiphon. A planet that has not known working electronics in 40 years. It is a planet with a think atmosphere oxygen and methane. Though normally the air is breathable in the winter, in summer, there are deadly methane gas storms, and all must find shelter, or grab oxygen masks and tanks. Tiphon has a fixed orbit around it's star, the side facing the sun always faces the sun. This side is known as Hell. While telling someone go to hell is a common insult, it can also be words of banishment for criminals. The methane gas does not spread to the inhabitable side of the planet because of the strange nature of the methane storms in hell. In a vast sea of deadly vortexes, methane in winter is kept locked up, and not enough drifts to the inhabitable side to be lethal, and when some exceptions occur, there are thousands of flags that accompany a massive stone wall protecting the cities inside, these flags have a chemical reaction to methane that changes it's color. If enough flags change, the message is sent, and the people know to take shelter. The year on Tiphon is about half as long as an Earth year, and there are only two seasons. As it reaches summer, the additional methane built up from the added heat from the sun becomes to much to contain, and spreads throughout the planet, then is sucked up again in a hurricane that, like clockwork, signals the end of summer and sends most of the methane back to Hell. The temperature on the surface during summer, is also incredibly dangerous, reaching temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. During summer, food is scarce and must be rationed, the people are always cramped by other people, as the shelters have difficultly fitting all the citizens while more shelters are being built. Yet these struggling people manage to survive. While the population is overwhelmingly human, there are rare exceptions of some Tao who crash landed on the planet when their ships electronics malfunctioned when flying near the planet. Though the only people who are hated are those who don't put in their fair share of hard work to keep society running, as people still die due to the rough nature of life on the planet. All criminals are given the same punishment of banishment. Crime is not tolerated and zero sympathy is given to criminals, as they disrupt the survival of the cities by wasting time on issues that can't afford to be dealt with. Stealing is normally not considered a crime, as all things that have worth belong to the Tiphon Survival Committee. Issues with personal belongings must be handled by the two parties, and are never looked into by the T.S.C.

Only violent crimes that injure people enough to keep them from working are looked into. Though the inhabitants of Tiphon in majority, do not want to counter the struggle for survival, and don't disrupt the system with the knowledge that every working body truly matters for their survival. There are no gangs, and hardly any violent crimes. Citizens most important documents are his identification papers, and his work logs. If a citizen refuses to work, he is threatened with banishment and that usually solves the issue. Those who are unable to work are not given much sympathy or care. While they are not banished or stripped of their food rations, they are given no other means of care, and have even been murdered in mass without the T.S.C. so much as lifting a finger to solve the crime, as they only investigate crimes based off of reports from work-logs. During summer, they are always the ones to die of starvation first. Very few elderly or disabled people live on Typhon, as it's common to murder elders who no longer work, and kill infants or children who develop crippling deceases when food ration reports come in.

Main characters on Typhon


Hair: Black

Skin: White with hints of Asian coloring

eyes: dark blue

Body: incredibly beautiful, a true gem of humanity. She is also very well built

Attire: Always looks sharp and clean, has a skirt/ suit that may be considered scantily clad to out of character people like you and I, yet it has the purpose of showing both the beauty of the human body, and the determination of her will. She always carries her sword with her, and adorned with the seal of the council, her appearance alone motivates men and woman’s hearts to action.

A female council member. She oversees the stability of work logs and investigates when people don't show up to work. Her will for humanity to survive is paramount, and so to is her ability to intimidate and command. She is unnaturally skilled with a sword yet spends all of her waking hours working hard for the T.S.C. eyes of determination and unyielding strength, her mear presence alone can motivate people to strive harder and endure greater hardship.


I haven't written this part yet, but the first mission lets the players discover that the source of non-functioning electronics is a nearby Magnetar (though many have guessed this as it can be seen in the sky during the beginning stages of Summer) and that it is now far enough away to allow electronics to work again. This discovery is made when an M.O.P. ship that has crashed on the planet in somewhat working condition is seen falling through the sky and humans send a team to recover it. The information on the ships computers suggests that a branch of the M.O.P. is nearby and is collecting data for creation of a new and much larger black hole. It also has some data on man made worm holes in development.  

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I like the idea for the most part, especially say the Last Eldar and the way the Universe is ending.


My personal thoughts if I was working on this:



I would recommend some reading some more about Singularities (Black Holes). For example that the Solar Sun has been sucked into the Black Hole but that some planets within the Solar System have been flung away is well, not realistic. Our Earth is a fraction of the size of our Sun and more like we would be affected before the sun. In any case, such action would destroy the worlds before they even actually got into the black hole (which is infinitely small and infinitely heavy).


However! You could rip off a bit from the BC's Hand of Corruption fluff. The premise of this campaign was to transfer an entire planet from one place to another using a Chaos Ritual. Perhaps human Anti-MOP had saved Earth before the Doom Hole's emergence/presence.


Also, if you have not seen the episode from Star Gate when they get affected by a Black Hole, severe warping of time would occur. In light of a super massive black hole that is swallowing up the galaxy? That would be titanic - this is something you could use in the campaign perhaps.


However, you can skip all the realism and call it say, a "Warp Singularity Hybrid" - i.e. a black hole created that exists both in our world and the Immaterium and react differently that a material Black Hole.




As Amroth suggested, a tryrannid genestealer hybrid is your only bet. Not much fun Role Playing with a Hormogaunt, let alone that their bestial nature sets in when away from the Hive Mind. Check out the old WH40k 2nd Ed "Magos".

I would personally remove the Tyranids - the Hive Minds sensed the danger and left for other galaxies (remember that they came from another galaxy to begin with).



Champions of Old

I would remove Space Marines as well - they are warriors of old legend, like the Iron Men before them. The Long War ended in a titanic battle that shattered the Imperium but extinguished the flames of the renegades. Perhaps they might even meet one. Perhaps a few of the Fallen Dark Angels live on in obscurity?



Borg Wizards

I would love to see some further development within humanity. Perhaps they have merged flesh and steel? Or it is normal to wield powerful psychic powers? I like the idea of humans evolving further, whether for better or worse.



A New Hope

As the 51st Millennium is so dour and perhaps even meaningless with imminent doom, I would suggest injecting some kind of hope. Either there's a way to reverse the doom or perhaps the heroes are a part of a journey to find how they can venture to another galaxy, so that mankind can live on?


Perhaps Tau actually took over most of the galaxy? Or another entirely new race is shining hope? If the Tau have already been mostly destroyed, they were a very short lived race (which nearly seems unfair on the fish heads - especially as they have very advanced technology which they are improving on. In the current 40k universe they have yet to reach their peak).

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Cailus, there is a reason that Earth was not sucked away. For one, gravity moves at the speed of light, the size of the object means nothing, only it's distance away from the singularity means anything.

And *spoilers* for PC's, the Terra singularity did not suck away the sun, and Earth being spared was orchestrated by the M.O.P. But as far as anybody knows, the whole solar system was sucked away.

The sun was moved elsewhere by a wormhole, along with many other stars. The reason is yet unknown. Earth was transported in a similar manner, a separate wormhole created in the path Earth was flung toward was made and transported Earth far away from the singularities gravitational pull before it was ever created. Thus the Earth is still moving through space at the same speed at which it used to rotate around the sun. As for the other planets before Earth, they were not flung faster than the speed of light, so they eventually got sucked back into the black hole.

As for your other ideas, I will give them some thought... and I really will, because they are cool.

Thanks for the input!

And yes, I had these ideas in mind the entire time, I just didn't write them down :P

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