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Newbie Question: All these games are played in person on a table?

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You've got a few options:

  • Face to face gaming (tabletop or just sitting around in a pub)
  • Fantasy grounds or Maptool virtual tabletop
  • ROll20 + google hangout + the dice roller: 
  • Play by post/thread
  • Play by email (or yahoogroup or googlegroup)
  • Combination of face to face and the occasional player who cannot make it who links in by google hangout (and uses the dice roller)
  • Gaming convention play
  • Demo play at a game store


If you're looking for online play:


* Rptools.net forums

* Fantasy grounds forums


If you're looking for face to face play:

* Rpg.net gamers seekign gamers forums

* Pen and paper games forums

* Enworld.org forums (seeking gamers)

* Paizo.com forums (seeking gamers()

* wizards.com forums (seeking gamers)

* Post here 

* BEST:  Meet-up.com



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