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Don't gaze in that mirror - unless it's for 10 clues (session report)

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Five investigators (Lily, Zoey, Marie, Michael and Tony) against Ghatanothoa helped by Dagon and Hydra. As always, AH, KH, IH and MH in ply, with Lurker gates shuffled in. With Marie's Witch Blood easily triggered, the extend Ghat track should have allowed me quite an easy game; actually it was not, with both a Dhole and a Yithian blocking the way out of Ma's since Mythos zero, and Lili and Michael sacrificing several resources in order to clear the street. Immediately after, some Professors from the Miskatonic University searched for anomalies, spawning several clues around (a nasty temptation in a Ghat game) and adding a double doomer. Hence, Marie's advantage was immediately nullified.

Zoey ended up LiTaS while exploring Leng, and then again she returned to Leng and ended up LiTaS again. Tony succeeded at sealing the Woods and Michael at sealing Marsh Refinery but The Terrible Experiment came up, so that Marie and Lily wasted other time passing it. Everybody got a skill, and clearly the most useless of the entire deck were drawn.

Good. marie with Vision Quest headed north and in Falcon Point she managed to gather all clues in the neighborhood for a total +10. Then she entered R'lyeh loaded with spells and items and drew the encounter forcing her to discard all of her items unless a clue or a Sanity / Stamina point were spent. Clearly I kept only two items and discarded everything else. Yay!

I was still more or less in control of the game when the Miskatonic Mythos forcing you to spawn a monster in every aquatic location of every board hit me with a really aweful timing. Flyers for Devil Reef adn Y'han-thlei fortunately, but still the board was overcrowded and the terror trigger forced Cursed Tony and Cursed Zoey (aye, really a lucky evening) to return to Arkham on quite some big piles of monsters with only 4 clues. And the following Mythos ws Good Work Undone. Ugh. Michael was in Kigsport trying to control the three rifts that were about to open without money to move, but Blessed because he had spent some time keeping company to a lady at the Congregational Hospital.

What to do? Tony used Handcuffs to autopass the combat check with the Tcho-tcho on his gate, exhausted Disguise to automatically evade the Moon Beast and ignored the Serpent People. Zoey rolled 1 for her Curse (yay) and then evaded the Leng Spider and the Byakee. Michael used Neill's to gain 5 bucks out of his Enchanted Blade, and Blessed Marie used Mist of Releh and her awesome Sneak to enter the First National Grocery and gain Research Materials while Lily with Ruby Standish entered Joe Sargent's to freeze the Mummy and kill another Leng Spider.

Next Mythos: Man hunt in Arkham. This meant some relax for the guys on the gates. Michael entered Innsmouth and cleared the bus shelter from monsters; Lily moved to acquire the second Research Materials, Marie started returning to Arkham, with the doom track at nine and the DOR at 5, and now a new gate in Devil Reef with a rift that opened (and another two about to open as well).

Next round: Marie reached Zoey at Independence Square, tossed her the first Research Materials and moved South. Lily followed, and Michael remained in Innsmouth, clearing a Star Vampire with his last clue token. Zoey sealed (five seals on the board). Next Mythos: monster surge from the Witch House, directly under poor Tony's feet. Nevermind, he (not any longer cursed since this very Upkeep) was the last one to move, so that Mary gave him the last Research Materials, while Lily reached the South Church. Marie cleared some monsters and then ended up Injured, adding the fourth monster to the Outskirts (one more would have meant game over). Lily blessed Tony, and blessed Tony sealed the sixth gate.

Victory by sealing gates in 17 Mythos (Doom track at 10, Terror at 1, DOR at 5, one rift active)

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