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Something fishy about the Berserker ...

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Hi friends :)


We were playing GOWTBG some days ago (China Shop mission), and something I hadn't envisioned happened.

The Berserker was activated, and entered poor Cole's area with the intent to inflict damage.

At the end of her movement (and before the dice were rolled), Baird -who was 1 area away- used one of his "GUARD" cards to shoot at the creature, perfectly knowing it couldn't hurt her.

Stat cards says "after a COG attacks", move the area 1 area towards him".

Using this trick, is it really possible to lure the Berserker away from her intended target before she can strike him ?

If this is the case, the "GUARD" card interrupts the beast's action, her initial attack is lost and she can't attack Baird in her new location, right ?


One more precision : when the Berserker is instructed to go after the last COG who moved, bleeding out COGs are ignored, agreed ?






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"Q: What happens when a COG uses a “Guard” reaction ability

against a Berserker that is about to attack a COG in its area.


A: The Berserker does not move towards the attacker
if it is currently being activated by an AI card. This is an
exception to the rule – it still moves as normal for all
other “Guard” and normal attacks." (FAQ, p. 2)

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