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Dragon's Egg and Seductive Promise

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I have posted this question both here and on CardGameDB because I'd like to see ktom answer the question, and I'm not if ktom answers questions over there. However if you're not ktom, feel free to reply.
Since I don't know how to do card linking here I'll post the relevant text of the cards below.
Dragon's Egg (Attachment)
House Targaryen only
Attach to a card controlled by an opponent. Targaryen cards of the attached card's type in your hand gain ambush during the challenges phase.
Seductive Promise (Event)
Response: After you win a Power challenge by 4 or more total STR, chose a non-unique character controlled by the losing opponent. Take control of that character.
I play a Dragon Egg on my opponent's non-unique character. Then I win a power challenge by 4 or more and use Seductive Promise to take control of the character that has the Dragon's Egg attached.

Does the Dragon's Egg remain attached once I gain control of the character?

If so, can I now ambush Targ characters that do not have the ambush keyword, even though the Dragon's Egg is not equipped to a character controlled by an opposing player? 

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Unfortunately the dragon egg will fall off the character as soon as you take control of it. The condition of attach to a card controlled by an opponent will no longer be met at which point the attachment now has no valid target and becomes moribund.

The FAQ addresses this directly

(3.22) Attachment Restrictions 
Any attachment that has a restriction (such 
as "Lord or Lady only" or "attach to an 
opponent's character") is immediately 
discarded from play at any time that restriction 
is not met, regardless of immunity. Such 
restrictions are constant effects, and the 
attachment should be immediately discarded 
any time a restriction is not met including 
during setup.

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Well I was looking for a way to keep the character with the Dragon's Egg alive....otherwise they just kill the char as part of Military claim. My only other choice may be to use Dragon's Fear and recur it over and over with Danny's Chambers. Too much effort I fear.

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I think it (Darogn Egg) is far more useful on locations and attachments anyway - especially if you are drawing cards during the challenge phase - there's normally a couple of safe attachments or locations which aren't going to leave play in a hurry

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