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The Shadow Rune Campaign

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The Shadow Rune – Chapter 1 – First Blood


                ‘The Hunts Maidens.’ The name of a group that consists entirely of females namely: Jain Fairwood the lady soldier branded as a deserter now sharp as the tip of her arrows. Ashrian, the Wood Elf with a mysterious past a strong affinity for nature and a positive look on the future. Finally Widow Tarha, the Orc who vowed to avenge the low cast since the murder of her husband, though banished by her home for embracing the dark arts.

                Even if they are all of different lives, they have found that they work best together. They are known in Arhynn, a grand city in Terrinoth, as the best huntsmen and bounty hunters in the realm.



                Upon returning from a bounty mission the 3 ladies walking and talking about their latest perils and gossips on the path towards Arhynn was interrupted by the site of smoke and flames off the side of the road. The flag of Baron Gregory swayed as it burned. They knew trouble was a foot, they ran towards the wreck of what is a carriage, some guardsmen bleeding on the grounds. They rush towards one guard who has his hand raised as if reaching for the sun.

                “What happened here?” Jain asked. “It was an Ambush. A… a… an ettin is leading a band of goblins towards the secret passage by the boulders.”

                “Why would an ettin be organizing a goblin ambush?” Tarha questioned.

                “Please… stop the ettin stop the goblins… save Arhynn…” the guard requesting with his final breath. Ashrian prays a blessing to the deceased.

                Jain without a word rushes towards the boulder to confront the problem followed by her 2 allies. Upon arriving there stood an ettin a two headed giant towering everything around it commanding the goblins towards the secret entrance.

                “‘Vry un o ya in tru da pass” growled the ettin to the goblins, his attention was interrupted as he sniffed the air. “‘E gut comp’ny I’s cun sniff ‘em.” He turns to see the 3 ladies armed and ready to strike him.

                “Was it you beast who struck the carriage of the Baron?” shouted Jain drawing her arrows out of her quiver. The ettin took a couple of steps towards them. “Aye ye did, ma nayum’s Mauler.” The fury in Jains eyes showed fire.

                “Jain and Tarha go after the ettin while I stop the goblins from coming through.” Ashrian strategized. “If we slay the ettin the goblins will scatter. They never fight without a master.”

                Jain and Tarha started towards the two headed giant, Jain loading her bow as she sprinted and Tarha slit abit of flesh to start her blood incantation of reanimation. 

                “Yuraz Alhkem Irhauz Ackem Sul Sul.” She chanted repeatedly as the blood started to gather past elements to create her familiar, a Skeleton warrior.

                 Ashrian ran towards the pack of goblins and gathered her mana to strengthen her body and with a mighty stomp shattered the ground stunning and scaring the goblins. The goblins ran in multiple directions preventing the rest from entering the passage. Jain picking off goblins as they ran by, yet her focus on Mauler was true, continues firing at all the enemies around. Tarha and her familiar tried to prevent the giant from walking out to the goblins.

               “I’ll make sure both your heads don’t speak!” Jain spoke as she bolted arrows after arrows towards the ettin. The familiar and Tarha flanked the ettin but he ran past them and went after Ashrian for she was the one stopping the goblins from moving forward. The ettin swung its arm and got Ashrian at the back flinging her a couple of feet hiting the grounds hard.

     “NO!!!” Tarha screamed “Familiar!!! Relinquish this ettin from existence." The familiar started glowing blue flames and rushed at the ettin with incredible speed. The ettin raising its arms to bound the reanimated. But Mauler froze and got down on his knees. The familiar has struck him fatally, Mauler was bleeding heavily.

     “Ye lassy dun noh, er death here brins de master de Oval’rd muck strengthen, wil trumph, Arhynn will crush down.” The ettin said with a dying voice and in an instance their final breath.

     It started to rain and the girls dust and fix themselves. “We should haste to Arhynn and warn the Baron.” Ashrian said. They all started to sprint towards the city with rage in their eyes and honour in their blood.

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