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Plotcards and/or good expansions for balancing 1vs1 decks

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Hello there.

My lovely girlfriend gave me the corebox this christmas.

Atleast half the games we plan to play will be 1 vs 1 against eachother, but the coredecks are horribly built for this.  I mean "Plotcard: one opponent gets to kill one of another players characters" is realy lackluster in a 1vs1 setting :P


I got two topics.

A) Plotcards. Is there any other reliable way to get my hands on more plotcards other then buying a ton of expansions? I tried ebay but was kinda dissapointed by the searchresults.


B) Buying the expansions.

The decks do not need to be super efficent killerdecks, since anytime we will play with friends we will use OUR decks, so balance is more of a thing... anyways.

We would like to get more more cards and with time fulfill two goals

B.1)Keeping 4-6 decks (adding Martell and Greyjoy) that are atleast somewhat balanced between one one anohter

B.2) Having atleast some of the decks also made for 1vs1 games. Like I said above, there is no need for uberdecks, as long as they arent broken versus one another.

... maybe we will need to get 4-6 dedicated multiplayerdecks and 2-3 singleplayer decks.


So, what is your take on this?






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To buy another box could probably be a good idea. Epsecialy now in the beggining.
Sure, it does not tickle the old "new shiny stuff!" factor the same, but its cheaper then buying a box per house.

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