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Helios Inferno

Fireborn Novels Trilogy, any good?

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I know there are some novels of Fireborn that are available, but never took much notice of them.

Don't have a credit card, so getting them off ebay seems to be my only option.


Still, since I have been getting into Fireborn again, and been runnign some adventures, I wonder if anyone also read the novels and can tell me whether they are worth it or not?


I think reading them might be good to get some new ideas for the rpg, and possibly also a way for player's to get into the setting (some of them are BIG fantasy book readers).


I can't easily obtain them, as ebay is my only option.

And then, they come from the USA, so shipping for me (European)  will make it rather expensive to get one by one.


Anyone can give me some rundown on the book(s)  and if they are worth the effort of ordering them?


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I've (so far) only got the first one - but it was a good read with some interesting plot twists. Certainly had a "welcome to Fireborn's universe, let me show you around" sort of feel.


I'll post up about the others when I get round to reading them.





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