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Want to buy AGOT LCG collection

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Please send me a PM if you or anyone you know has a complete or near complete collection of AGOT LCG cards for sale or trade.  I'm a long time player and have a complete collection myself.  However, a friend of mine has been trying to get into the game for a very long time but the price of getting into it has been prohibitive.  


He recently purchased a collection on eBay for a good price but the seller backed out.  This has more or less crushed his soul, ruined his Christmas, and caused him to lose all faith in humanity.  He won the auction back in November - the guy lied to him about shipping it and was very non-responsive in general.  We suspect that the seller figured that the auction sold too fast and wanted more money for the collection and then tried to goad my friend into a false sense of security in order to try to get him to wait past the 45 days.  I told my friend not to let those 45 days pass and when he escalated the case his money was almost immediately refunded.


Anyway I want to not let this terrible experience keep my friend from enjoying this great game and would very much appreciate it if anyone has a complete or near complete collection for sale to PM me and maybe restore my friend's faith in humanity.


Thank you,

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