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Cosmic soap bubbles, and crusty fish (session report)

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First day of the new year, and I had to start with Arkham Horror. So, AH+KH+IH+MH in play, 5 investigators (Hank, Darrell, Jim, George, Rex) against Yog-Sothoth, aided by Dagon & Hydra. Yog with Lurker gates means a lot of troubles in Arkham language, and having Jim and George in the mix (not exactly the strongest guys around) could have implied a lot of problems, especially when genius Jim decided to stop to watch the stars among strange stones in the Woods and gained a Curse. Plus, nasty monsters blocking gates, and, clearly, as tradition for every Innsmouth game, an early gate at Devil Reef. With Barnabas Marsh and a Flying Polp blocking Innsmouth Shore. Hank and Darrell tag-teamed the problem, with Hank cleaning the streets thanks also to a wonderful little clue token, and Darrell renting Jum's motorcycle for a seven-movement action leading directly to Falcon Point + Devil Reef. Great.
Devil Reef was sealed, and bursted exactly in the same turn. Hank was stuck at Dagon's serching for Pa or his breakfast and found a delicious double gate leading to Yuggoth or Another Dimension. The latter appeared more appealing, so he met again Darrell there, after the burst.
Cursed Rex couldn't do anything but kamikazing on the Witch House Dark Young (thanks Nodens for scoring 4 successes out of 8 dice) and returned to the Woods (Kadath was open there as well) and Jim followed through Keziah's gate a similar way.

THOU ART DOOMED, whispered the wind.

Ha! Poor wind...

George purchased a Carcosan Page and used it to send Hank a King in Yellow. The poor guy returned to Devil Reef after missing a Vampire-Diver (everybody loses a clue, thanks), rolled his only die and scored a 6 in the following turn, hence +4 clues and seal. Jim rolled a 1 in the Upkeep and after three attempts, managed to seal Kadath at the Witch House. Rex spent 5 rounds on that **** Woods gate, unable to do anything but scoring 1 out of 2 successes required, but Jim removed Rex's curse after selling to Father Michael some evidence of Kadath.
So, three seals on the board, doom track at 5 thanks also to the usual "roll Luck or be devoured, but if you're lucky enough, you get awesome stretch goals from the Innsmouth KS crew" Hank drew. How can I lose such a game?

Problem was that the Rails were washed out, and nobody was able to do anything in Kingsport, and look at that! Not one but TWO rifts opening in two following Mythos. Hmmm. And then drawing The Innsmouth Plauge was *not* a wise move: the two rifts moved, and one triggered a +1 doom token, so that, in just ONE Mythos, I got the doom track bumping from 5 to 8 (and always three seals on the board).

Nasty, nasty, nasty times.

So, board flooded with monsters, two rifts open, an ongoing rumor not exactly pleasant and almost no clues.

Jim used the most improbable combo ever: entered the Asylum to recover the motorcycle and the Press Pass Rex was now having, used the motorcycle to reach the Black Cave to leave George an item and to get from him the Ruby of R'lyeh, and used the ruby to move to Hibbs to gather 2 clues + 1 from the PP (5 total reached). Rex moved from the Asylum to the Science Building, and his clues popped from 2 to 5. One rift moved on the wrong color, and a new gate opened (+2 doomer, total doom 10)

George sealed the gate. Jim entered Leng from Independence Square, and Rex entered Celano from the Unnamable. Mythos: gate bounced on Devil Reef, +1 DOR. Mythos added another DOR. Doom still at 10, 4 seals on the board. Bad situation.

Hank moved back to Innsmouth, while Darrell gathered one clue from Kingsport and closed one of the two rifts. Double delay for Jim and Rex. Mythos: gate bouncing on Devil Reef, +1 DOR for a total of DOR=5. Doom still at 10. Horrible situation.

Hank used 2 clues to feed the Fed track while in the Innsmouth Shore, moved to Marsh refinery for an extra clue, that magically became 2 since George carcosanpaged him the Press pass recovered from Jim the round before. Darrell moved to Church green streets, and they both passed the Martial Law check. George dashed to the Curiosity Shoppe and got an ES. Jim explored further Leng, and Rex returned on a spear of light from Celano part 2. Mythos: gate at Hibbs. Rift moving, but on the right (for me) color. DOR=5, Doom=11, almost no physical weapons in the party. Desperate situation.

Hank used two clues while at Marsh's and Darrell finished off the work cleaning both the Fed and the DOR tracks. Hank moved then to Church green and cleaned the streets for Darrell, who dashed to Kinsport to work further on the rift. George reached Jim, tossed him the Elder Sign, and then used the Carcosa Page to send a King in Yellow to Rex at the Unnamable. Then moved southward, nuking a Ghost in front of the South Church, ready to spend a trophy on a blessing in case the following turn the world had been alive. Rex used the KiY and then wiped away the Mi-go guarding the gate.
Jim used his Elder Sign to put the 5th seal on the board.
Rex rolled three dice, scoring one success only, but thanks to the KiY had 10 clues. The first two were enough to score the additional success.

Victory by sealing gates in 18 Mythos (what a nightmarish game!)

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Phew! Very nice!


I got Kingsport for Christmas, so despite my early loss I'm really digging Rex as an investigator. So far I've only played againt Yibb-Tstll, but I'm enjoying most of the new people, with some exceptions. Daisy didn't work outt o be the power house I hoped, Wendy really exceeded my expectations, and Lily seemed more trouble than she was worth dealing with the extra slider - I generally prefer a relatively minor variant where I add tokens to cards when an Investigator is damaged rather than take them away, as it tends to keep the table clearer, but doing so with Lily is mostly impossible.


I really want to play against Atlach-Nacha, but I'm not sure if it's possible to win against her. Hopefully soon.

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Daisy can be really strong if played in the proper way. Many believe that she should go after a Find Gate spell, but actually she could be a lot more devastating if you put in her hands some other spell, like Alchemical Process or Arcane Insight. Anyhoo, she requires some time, and a little team work (give her the proper items and so on); after a while, you'll see how she can really be a game breaker (in your favour).


Wendy is incredible, one of the best characters ever. With 8 starting clues, you can potentially have 1/3 of the game won by the end of turn 1. Plus, she basically can ignore all the mess in the streets, and she's also good to stop monsters before they enter vortices and stuff. Incredibly versatile, really a dream team character.


Lily is another great character. Even in this case, some more time is required to work out her balance, but actually she's really awesome (you can use her as a living Healing Stone, if playing properly with the "4th" skill slider). Plus, she's the ultimate Colors out of space slayer (her hands are not affected by physical or magical immunities)


Atlach... it seems like a nasty boy, but actually it's a lot easier than it seems. Just be patient. Focus on medium or low frequency gates, and then try to coordinate for the final 2 or 3 seals. After playing to death against Atlach (I even created a Herald for it:




I find it more boring than difficult... Ybb or Eihort are much more interesting to play against

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