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WFRP3 Campaign Log from the GameMaster's Guide

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No, never used it. I make notes about the past and future of the campaign, about NPCs and stuff. But I find the "campaign log" to be too constricting.

Might be a good reference sheet when preparing to play a one-off or for a gaming convention.

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One of the things that I'm going to probably start doing (and have my players do), is record who they have "influenced" or been "influenced by."   Combat only lasts a moment, but allies and enemies last forever :)


I was formulating a rough idea about the back page of the character sheet.  At first, I looked at that like "what the hell good is this?  It's waste of space!"  Now it really seems to be a great place for players to put "important" people.  Surely, not enough room, but its a start.


Anyways, this GMs log seems like a bit more organized than the post it notes I stick in The Enemy Within right now. 




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