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More questions - Oath of Honor and Quaking Word and Teracall

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1 OATH OF HONOR - If the knight is immobilized can they use this skill to now move adjacent to a monster 3 spaces away?


2 Quaking Word - Does Quaking word need to do damage to its target to stun the other monsters that are within 2 spaces of a Geomancer's stone? 


3 Teracall - If the Geomancer has Teracall exhausted and chooses to activate the stones first can 1 of the stones attack then activate the Geomancer and refresh the cards?




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1) yes or advance


from the faq

 Q: When Immobilized, can a figure use skills and abilities that allow movement not related to a move action?


A: Yes. Any skill or ability that does not refer to performing a move action may be used while a figure is Immobilized. This includes skills or abilities that remove a figure from the map and place it in another space, skills or abilities that allow a figure to move an amount of spaces based upon its Speed, and skills and abilities by which a figure can gain movement points.


2) I don't think so. The condition is being added as a side effect of the attack. As long as you don't miss and roll a surge, all monsters have to test. 


3) Cards refresh at the beginning of your turn. The stones activate before or after you take your two actions during your turn. Check out those little hero turn cards. 

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