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Ravion Lupus

Running dow 2 campaign in black crusade Help!

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I have a need to run the dawn of war 2 campaign in either one of the FFG 40k rpg systems. Aiming at doing the Chaos Rising or Retribution campaign.


Though I intend to set it a long time after with a group of players playing Black crusade characters. Though I am in need of the maps in printable format from the dawn of war 2 games.


I am NOT a modder, so I don't have a clue how to get the campaign maps from the game in a printable format, I've been internet searching and all i can find is the player made maps for the skirmish mode. and they are sga files. (anyone know how to turn sga files into a printable format?)  


Can anyone direct me to someone that knows how to get the campaign maps from the game into a printable format for RPG use???


Or better yet, someone that worked there making the dow2 game.


I just would love to use the campaign maps. 


Does anyone have any idea or any other advice how I can get them.


I am surprised that it hasn't been mentioned on the ffg 40k forums already.


Fingers crossed I suppose?? lol


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