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Anime Detour 2009 Gunslinging Deck

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Hello Kingdom Hearts Community!

While we wait for more Highlander decks to roll in for our in-house Clash of the Titans tournament (the winner wins an uncut foil sheet!), I have decided to post my Anime Detour 2009 Gunslinging deck. Why gunslinging? Well, we at FFG go to conventions, make store appearances, etc. etc. and people hold the entirely erroneous opinion that we of FFG are experts at our respective games. I can assure you, I am, at best, a mediocre player of just about everything (except Backgammon. I will challenge anyone at Backgammon.) Nevertheless, we do get challenged a lot at shows and things, and so I and several other staff members have built "gunslinging" decks to satisfy the urge in some people to bring us down in friendly competition. At the last Anime Detour, ADA had just come out and I had constructed two decks, one life-gaining World Racer, and one Dark-bogging Aggro. The challenge was that anybody who defeated me or any of the other FFG staff, would get a fistful of promo cards. Similarly, this year, a couple of people called me out (I like to think of myself as a shorter version of Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars) and to satisfy their bloodthirst, I brought out the following deck:

Level 2 Riku (promo)

6x Level 0 Broom (ADA)
3x Level 1 Donald Duck (Set I)
2x Level 2 Jack Skellington (ADA)
1x Level 0 The Mayor (ADA)
1x Level 0 Chip & Dale (ADA)
1x Level 0 Tidus (ADA)
1x Level 0 The King (LAD)
1x Level 1 Cid (promo)

Magic Friends
3x Level 3 Bambi (Set I)
3x Level 1 Simba (LAD)

3x Soul Eater (ADA)
3x Divine Rose (Set I)
1x Oblivion (ADA)
1x Ultima Weapon (LAD)

3x Destiny Islands (ADA)
1x Disney Castle (ADA)

2x Bouncywild (Set I)
2x Stealth Sneak (Set I)
2x Invisible (Set I)

The concept is very, very simple: Challenge the other player to death as quickly as possible by making the deck as small and as consistent as possible. Somebody can correct my math, but I believe that with the card draw and searching, this deck is effectively 20 cards. The Soul Eaters (hopefully) rush out before a massive buildup can happen on the other side. If necessary, use Chip & Dale to put The King and the Soul Eaters back in the deck. The Brooms were actually mostly in there for fun, but it's nice to have disposable characters handy. This deck wins fast or it loses, essentially.

Some things I learned about this deck: it is vulnerable to Attack denying cards like Sebastian and Atlantica 2. Phil and Owl are both very frustrating. Olympia was a real bother, every time it rolled out. Sephiroth pained me hugely.

Even so, as often as not, this deck roared out, guns blazing, and won me the odd game. My most shattering defeat was at the hands of a Dark deck: before I could run my opponent out of HPs, his Friend Area was full of about fifty Dark Friends. Monstro and Kairi (snipering out, say, the Level 2 Dark cards, upon which the whole chain hinged) would have helped immensely.

Anyway, that's my deck. Feel free to construct it and defeat it (no promo cards this time, but ask me at the next convention and maybe, just maybe). You can even tell people I wept softly when you defeated it.

Thank you,

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Hey jaffer,


I was the bloke who gave you the "challenge you were waiting for all weekend," according to Ryan.  I had the race deck on saturday afternoon.  It was good playing with you, and I can't wait to take you on again at AD2010.




Anime Detour Webteam department head/Operations

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