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Wu Ming

[Migrated] The Adranti (weaver95)

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I've been running 'Purge the Unclean', which I really really like, but i'm intrigued with the Adranti. They're mentioned in the beginning of the series arc, but aside from their secrets being mentioned (almost in passing) by the Oracle at the end of the first story in 'purge', the series doesn't seem to pick up with them any more and focuses on the Serrated Query. I know there's mention of them in the 'back story' timeline but even there, details are sketchy.

So I pondered and pondered and pondered.....and I decided to start mucking about with the concept of the Adranti.

Here's what I know:

  1. They were a technologically advanced culture of humans.
  2. They made extensive use of cybernetics.
  3. Their technology somehow involved the use of the warp.
  4. The adeptus mechanics REALLY did not like them.
  5. They and their entire empire were obliterated from orbit.

Since there isn't much in game material actually mentioned about the Adranti, I decided to do what any GM does in this situation - make things up! So here goes:

Adranti 'vomit gun':

class: basic
rng: 20meters
RoF: single
Dam: 1d10+5
Pen: 3
Clip: 3
RLD: 2full
Special: Vomit (use flame gun rules)
Wt: 6kg
cost: N/A
Availa: N/A

The vomit gun is essentially a flamer, but rather than use something as basic as flame, the gun uses arcane techno-wizardry to draw upon the power of the warp and filter the essence of disease, foulness and corruption to bring down it's foes. In effect, the gun briefly channels the vomit attack of a plaguebearer (main rulebook, pg 354). It can be adapted to use standard imperial energy clips.

Special: this weapon is FOUL! Long term users tend to suffer from various kinds of nasal infections and/or skin lesions. Continued use of this weapon is a constant source of Corruption tests. attempting to adapt it or fathom it's secrets is an automatic insanity check as well. Having this weapon in your possession is cause for immediate and extreme Imperial sanction!

Aethernet Node:

Using a combination of Adranti warp technology and Imperial long distance Vox technology, this device can be attached to a modified Vox device to send and receive WARP based messages! It was the Adranti answer to Astropaths. The sphere is small, perhaps the size of a baseball. featureless and made of a grayish and lusterless metal. several wires trail from the bottom of the sphere and can be adapted to fit most standard vox units. attempts to dissect it (or just piercing the sphere) cause the device to quietly dissolve into an odd smelling grey mist.

Use of this unit is profoundly heretical! In addition, long term use tends to drive it's users insane, as listening to 'warp static' isn't exactly good for ones mental stability. every 4 hours of use the user accumulates 1d5 insanity points.

Corinite crystal

What the Adranti called these devices has been lost to time. Flavia Corinite found this crystal while looting an abandoned ruin on some nameless asteroid in the Grangold system and to date it is the only one currently known to exist. This crystal (for lack of a better term) appears as a multi-faceted chunk of clear crystalline substance. In the center of the crystal is a burning flame (colorsare rumored range from bright silver to an eerie green - the corinite crystal is a brilliant, vibrant yellow/green). There are no picter files of the crystal, as any attempt to record the crystal via technological means only produces smudged and blurry files. The crystal itself has proved entirely resistant to any attempts to chip or pierce it's internal workings.

What it does:

None now alive know how the Adranti did it, but each crystal has a tiny amount of the immaterium trapped within it. The crystal matrix in which this bit of immaterium is suspended acts as a filtering and focusing device and makes the crystal into a source of clean, inexhaustible energy. It is possible to construct an adapter and use this crystal to power.....anything. lasguns, plasma cannons, warlord titans - this construct can power *anything*. As wonderful as this is, the crystal is sought by rogue psyker and cultists alike for another and perhaps unintended use: it acts as a unique psy focus. aside from the standard +10 bonus to invocation tests, this device allows sorcerers, psykers and cultists to draw more power from the warp than would otherwise be possible. when using the crystal in conjunction with any psychic power or sorcery, the user can allocate as many additional dice as they wish (up to their Psi rating) to their psychic test. HOWEVER - if they allocate more than one additional die, the user automatically makes a roll on the 'perils of the warp' charts. For every additional die over the first, they get +10 on their 'peril' roll. Also, channeling warp power in this manner is extremely corrupting to the user! they automatically get 1d5 corruption points and 1d5 insanity points EVERY time they do this!

Adranti goggles:

These devices are a pair of sleek goggles - the lenses are the key. Impregnated with the essence of the warp, they allow their wearer to easily diagnose damaged machines, adding +10 to Tech use and any repair rolls on any technological equipment. Additionally, the goggles can be boosted by a psyker to grant them temporary use of the 'soul sight' divination power. It automatically succeeds with one degree of success. However - the user must make a Hard willpower roll to avoid seeing something that Man Was Not Meant To Know. failure results in 1d5 insanity points.

user4574 wrote:
Regarding the crystal, could you clarify what you mean by 'the user can allocate as many additional dice as they wish (up to their Psi rating) to their psychic test'? Do you mean that they roll as normal for a manifestation, but if they roll 2 or more dice, then the Perils comes in to it, or can they roll extra dice as well, ie:

a Psker with Psy rating 4 uses the crystal to boost his power. He can roll up to 4d10 as normal, PLUS a max of another 4d10?

User with psy rating of 2: they roll 2 dice (their normal allotment). They've got the crystal tho - so they can add 2 MORE dice to their test. if they roll 3 dice, they just have worry about corruption and insanity points. If they roll 4 dice, they get corruption, insanity AND an automatic peril roll.....but they can roll up to 4 dice. 


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