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Question about Plague Worm and Teleportation rune

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Hi Guys!

The Plague Worm has a special action which is the "Burrow".


       "Remove this figure from the map and place it in empty or occupied spaces up to 3 spaces away. Each figure occupying any target space is moved to the closest empty space of your choice and suffer 1 fatige. Limit once per monster turn."


My 1st. question is the following:


Can i move through doors with this ability without spending an action to open it?   "like dig under it"


My 2nd. question is the following:


Can I move through doors with the Teleportation Rune weapon without spending an action to open it? "like teleport through it"


          "Surge symbol: After resolving this attack, you may choose an empty space within 2 spaces of you and place your figure in the chosen space.


Thank you for your answers!

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