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New GM's - "How to GM" walk-through of Eye for an Eye PLAY-BY-POST - New GMs join us (SPOILERS)

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New GMs:  I'm offering to do a "learn the game" walk-through of part of Eye for an Eye scenario.  If you're new to the game and want to learn how to GM or play, join in.  SPOILERS alert (I will be posting text from the actual adventure and all corners of this adventure will be expored). This thread is to learn the game and pick up some GMing tips.


The instructions on how this works are in this thread here:


GMing:  Jay

GM Players

1. Stickerman

2. Kaic

3. Monkoflords



Others interested?  I'll take up to two more players (new GMs only who plan to run it or who plan to teach the game to their group)




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Resourceful and intrepid fellows required to assist
in house move. Job involves discretion, danger, and
some heavy lifting. Only honest applicants will be
considered. No layabouts.
Hired candidates will earn 6 silver schillings a day
for their labour, plus any expenses incurred.
Ask for Herr Hendrick at The Red Moon Inn in
Ubersreik. Don’t delay – seek Herr Hendrick today!


The Red Moon is an inn on the Ubersreik waterfront, easily

reached by road or from the River Teufel. The main floor is stone,
with a half-timbered upper level overhanging the street. 
The common room of the Red Moon is smoky and
dark and smells sharply of a mixture of fish, smoke,
and sour beer. The bar is little more than a plank,
and the furnishings are shabby. Against one wall are
a series of snug booths, many with curtains of tattered
linen slung across them to offer some privacy.
A scattering of candles and oil lamps light the room,
as the small, grimy windows offer very little illumination
from outside. A friendly, pox-scarred barmaid directs the party

to one of the many private snugs that line one side of the lounge. 


"He was there a minute ago", indicates the barmaid.  

"You can wait for him if you like. What would you like to drink?"


GM note: Ok, like most rpg's. The group meets in a bar to get hired.  This is a great chance to have the party make a quick Observation check...


We'll get to that in a minute.



First things first:  Here's what I need:


To all new GM-players of this game:
I'm going to host a PLAY BY POST beginners encounter to teach the basics of WFRP3 game. Ask any questions you like (both as a GM and as a potential-player).  Anyone else on the boards is free to chime in to ask questions or make comments (as long as you reference a rule-page in the books). Join at any time, preferably at the beginning :)  Just tell me you're interested and tell me which character you are playing.

What's required?
1. A character:  Make your own or Grab a pre-generated character from either Day Late, Shilling Short or Liber Fanatica 7. Also get your special abilities in order: Talents, Basic Actions, Advanced Actions, Career Ability Card, and Career Sheet.  You can use cards, the player's guide, or write them down on a sheet.
2. The rules (either core set, or the hardcover guides (or PDF's)

3. The Scenario Eye for an Eye (in the Gm's guide or the Core boxed set). Let me know if you don't have this.


How do you post?
We get around to responding as we are able (maybe twice a day).  Ask any questions you need along the way. You post both your in-character and out-of-character comments in the SAME POST. IN-CHARACTER comments should be in quotation marks. EXAMPLE: Rredclaw argues: "Birgitta, I think you're nuts for waiting for reinforcements.  Those things are coming for us tonight."

How do you post your dice rolls?
Use this website.  Copy and paste the results of your rolls in text at the bottom.
Example:  REDCLAW ROLLS HIS ATHLETICS:  Rolled: 3 Characteristic, 1 Conservative, 1 Expertise, 1 Fortune, 1 Challenge, 3 Misfortune  Result: 2 Successes, 1 Boon

Here's what we'll cover:
How to use the basic and advanced actions. Download the SUMMARY SHEET from the FFG support page.  It has all the "basic" actions on one sheet so you don't have cards all over the place.
Social interaction rules (i.e. how to "influence" an npc)

When a skill is a maneuver and when it is a Perform Stunt action

Non-combat skill checks
Brief combat


GMING stuff we'll cover (you may have to ask)

Party sheet use (tension, fortune recharge, etc.)

How to use A/C/E dice

Combat difficulty strength

How to teach your players some stuff

The difference between an ENCOUNTER and STORY MODE

Any Q&A you need




Ask along the way.  This is not a true play-by-post, as we'll have a chance to discuss the "behind the scenes" running of things.  I'm not planning on running the whole works, but enough to get you an idea of how it should run.


I'm assuming you've all run an RPG before and have at least passing knowledge of the rules (and own the rulebooks).  If you don't own the rulebooks, sit this one out.



What to do now?
1. Tell us your character details: name, race, career, talents, special actions and characteristics

2. How you came to be in Ubersreik this fine rainy, cold, miserable day.

3.  Which Party Sheet do you think best fits your character: Brash Young Fools, Gloryhounds, or Oathbound




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If you don't mind me joining in, I'll be using Diedrich Shaeffler from the "Day Late Shilling Short" scenario.


Diedrich is a Reiklander, Grey Wizard Apprentice. His only talent is the Grey Wizard (Order) talent, and his special actions are Channel Power and Pool of Shadows. My characteristics are Str 3, Tough 3, Agi 3, Int 5, Will 4, and Fell. 2.


Diedrich has been sent to Ubersreik by his master Gavius Klugg to complete a variety of...somewhat menial tasks, which will apparently improve his abilities...or so he is told. Diedrich doesn't quite understand, but he is very confident he will figure out exactly why. His master gave him a letter to get around. Once he actually reached Ubersreik, Diedrich quickly learned that his money bag happened to contain a note from his master, telling him to find the problem. The young wizard had little idea what that meant, but he would find the problem...whatever that meant.


((Not sure if that's sufficient, but I want to try out the Wizardry rules if that's okay.))


I think Brash Young Fools may fit Diedrich the best.

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I would like to join!  I think I'll make my own character tonight (I want to get a feel for character creation) and I'll post it here when I'm done!

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This party has been brought together by Alfred's father, who is in some way connected to Lord Aschaffenberg. Owing the Lord a favor he has volunteered Alfred and some of his trusted friends and has instructed them to meet Hendrick to make arrangements. The party sheet is Servants of Justice. Hendrick and Aschaffenberg have decided the party  will be posing as architects/builders/decorators  and have been hired to make improvements to the crumbling structure of Grunewald Lodge. They have acquired a range of props to carry this off.

Alfred Stormhelm
human male
Road Warden
St4 To3 Ag4 int3 Wp3 Fel3
Wound Threshold 12
Trained in: Ride. Skulduggery. Weapon skill. Observation
Specialisation: observation: minute detail
Career Ability: once per session add one expert dice to any intimidate or ride check.
Dagger d4 c3
Rapier d5 c3
Pistol. d6 c2
Male shirt def 1 sk 2
Round shield def 1 sk 2
Stormhelm is affluent and owns a horse

High Elf female(night vision)
St4 To3. Ag3. Int3. Wp2. Fel4.
Wound Threshold 12
Trained in: charm. Discipline. Leadership. Observation. Advanced skill: education (trained)
No specialisations
Career Ability: once per session treat fellowship characteristic as if one point higher.
Talent: gregarious add 1 fortune dice to charm checks
Long bow. Da5. Cr3
Long sword. Da7. Cr2
Dagger. Da4. Cr3
Breast plate and chain. Def1. Sk 4

Human male
Apprentice Wizard
St3. To3. Ag3. Int4. Wp3. Fel3
Wound threshold 9
Advanced skills: Channelling. Education. Magical sight. Spell craft. (All trained)
Career ability: while your power is less than will power rating your channeling checks gain a fortune dice.
Order:grey Order: spend +1 power to add or remove 1 recharge token
Spells: Blade in the dark. Bewilder. Pool of shadows. Doppelgänger
Sword Da5. Cr3
Buckler Def1. Sk0
Robe. Def1. Sk0


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Stickerman:  choose 1-2 of the 3 characters to play to round the group to 4.  if you want to play a spellcaster, you're welcome to play a 2nd grey wizard or maybe try out an Initiate of Sigmar or something.  Whatever you want to do there.



Stick/Kaic/Monk: I'll let you players haggle over which Party Sheet seems best.  Stick is recommending Servants of Justice.  Monk is recommending Brash Young Fools.  Kaic?  Which do you think is the more likely of the 2 to fit.




In order to get lots of use out of the rules, I'm going to have each of you start with the following as you walk into the Red Moon Inn:

  • 2 regular wounds and one critical wound (no Severe Injuries or Mortal Wounds) - pick any one that is severity 1 or 2  - decide how you got it and make it part of your backstory.
  • 2-4 corruption points (you decide why you have them)..Rules are in witch's song, liber mutatis, and GMs hardcover.
  • 1 current "temporary" insanity strength 1 or 2 - leftover from either a traumatic event or a series of social encounters where someone got the best of you (and may still have some influence over you). Note this is still a 'temporary' insanity and you can either draw one randomly, or find something that might make a neat story.


Bonus Starting Equipment

  • Grey wizards start with EITHER the Grey Staff OR the Sword of Judgement (details here:
  • Alfred begins with a superior quality pistol and 3 shots. His horse is the Trusty Horse from Omens of War (no worries if you don't have that product)
  • The Envoy (if used) begins with superior quality envoy robes (1 white on social actions and 2 white if unarmored or not showing weapons). They make him/her look REALLY important ;)
  • Kaic, once we see your character, I'll see if we can find something interesting to push the system to the max here too.





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"He was there a minute ago", indicates the barmaid with the filthy apron

"You can wait for him if you like. What would you like to drink?


We have the famous Red Moon Ale..uh..well, what's left in the bottom of the's kind of syrupy really, but I can thin it out with some of our world in-famous grog if you'd like.  We also have some yellow-brownish spirits made from the only finest grain and wood alcohols [mostly wood alcohol and turpentine if you ask me] and fresh rain-barrel water off the roof.  I can filter it through by apron if you'd like, but that costs a little extra.  If you want wine, we have Rattus Wine, imported from far-away Altdorf.  It has a bouquet of long-aged dandelions with a hint of burdock milk. It is great for getting the bowels moving.


As for food, we have cabbage:  boiled, mashed and boiled, or boiled and mashed. Its got our local sour flavoring with lots of mustard.  We also have bread.


You are all shown to a table in the middle of a communal room of thugs, n'er-do-wells, harlots, and ruffians.  Considering your recent difficulties, as evidenced by your wounds and mental stresses, maybe a drink would do you well."


Would you like to...?

  • Ask nicely around some of the thugs, ruffians and criminals (patrons) for a man named Herr Hendrick - Make a (3d) Charm (gossip) check
  • Wait for Herr Hendrick to come to you and keep your head down while the ruffians try to make sport of you and listen in on local gossip - Make a (2d) Discipline (resist intimidation) check AND -  Make a (2d) Observation (evesdropping) check.
  • Eyeball some of the patrons to keep from being bullied and ask about Herr Hendrick - Make a 2d Intimidate check
  • Invite yourself into the table of gambling next to you while you ask about Herr Hendrick - Make a (2d) Guile or Intuition check. 
  • do something else


Again, use the WFRP dice roller and report the dice rolled and the results.



Welcome to the game,


Jay H


[edit:  GM behind the scenes tricks:

  •  they have no good choices for food and the place is grimy and dirty evoking the Warhammer feel.   
  • Giving new players skill check options right off the bat gives them some direction.  Always offer them "or would you like to try something else."
  • We roll the dice and that will help drive some story effects
  • Having the NPC missing in this case puts them right into the action without having to start with a combat or a boring "you get hired and sit there and listen to his spiel"]




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Servants of Justice will work better for my character.



Reiklander Female

st2, To3, Ag2, Int4, Wp4, Fel4


Wound Threshold 12

Corruption Threshold 8

Trained in: First Aid, Piety, Education, Invocation

Specialization, First Aid: Tend Critical Wounds, Long Term Care

Career Ability: Invocations of rank 1 or lower gain 1 fortune die.

Actions: Curry Favour, Blessing of Health, Minor Ward, Minor Blessing, Calming Touch, Soothing Voice

Talent: Clear Minded, Shallya, Goddess of Healing & Mercy



Quarterstaff, 2 sets of clothes (robes), candles, tinderbox, 2 gold coins.


Backstory: Hanna was an orphan raised in the church of Shallya.  She has dedicated her life to serving Shallya and is now on a pilgrimage of mercy and healing.  (Not terribly original, but it will work for this).  Having spent a life of reading and studying, she is not used to this type of travel and has constant aches and pains.  On the road Hanna was assaulted by Bandits she tried to plead with them to let her go, but they attacked her.  So, she was forced to abandon her ideal of non-violence (corruption points) and fight the bandits. Whether it was luck or divine intervention she managed to knock them unconscious and escape.  However, the situation has left her shaken (temp insanity).


wounds: 2 Wounds

Crit wounds: Aches & Pains, Severity 2

Corruption: 2

Insanity: The Shakes, Severity 1



I think I did everything right, but it is my first character, so if I missed something just tell me.

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Still shaken from her recent encounter, Hanna will try and keep a low profile around these ruffians.  She will keep her head down and try and eavesdrop on the conversation.


"I would like a glass of the Rattus Wine please," she manages to say without too much quivering in her voice.


OK, lets see if I can get these dice pools correct,


If I'm correct in story mode I can change my stance whenever?


I'm going to change my stance to conservative 2 since I want to be extra careful due to my recent experiences.


Discipline check

Rolled: 2 Characteristic, 2 Conservative, 2 Challenge

Result: 3 Successes, 1 Chaos Star


Hanna manages to keep her head down and drink her wine despite the ruffians staring her down.  (not sure what the Chaos Star will do here)



Rolled: 2 Characteristic, 2 Conservative, 2 Challenge

Result: 1 Success, 1 Bane


Hanna Manages to overhear some information from nearby conversations, but manages to overhear some very startling stories that leaves her a bit frightened with her current company.  (Do I just take a stress for the bane?  Is that how it works?)

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((Here's my updated backstory with the requirements you set...))


Along his path, Diedrich was joined by a robe man who silently walked with him for a short while. As the night began to fall, the man attacked him. Unfortunately for the man, Diedrich was paying slightly more attention than he thought, and managed to parry his strike, though he pulled something in his left arm given the awkward positioning. The man reached in his cloak and pulled out a stone that Diedrich didn't quite get a good look at, but by this time, Diedrich had managed to push the man down and run away. For the rest of the journey, Diedrich treated every other travelers with a bit more caution...a bit more than he should have most likely..


((Summary: 2 Wounds, Critcal: Pulled Muscle 2; 2 Corruption - Hoping to make that rock a warp stone...brief contact if possible?; Temporary Insanity: Trepidation 1; Also, I'll take the Sword of Justice.))




It took a moment for Diedrich to respond, he was a bit nervous about his surroundings, and it took him a moment to enter to begin with. He looked at the woman and cleared his throat, "The wine...and some bread...if you will."


Diedrich tried to listen in on the the thugs' conversation...but he just was a bit too nervous about attracting their attention, and shied away.


Discipline (2D check)

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 1 Expertise, 2 ChallengeResult: 1 Challenge, 1 Comet


((Given I technically failed the above roll, I don't think the observation roll is worth anything, but I did get a Comet...))


Observation (2d)

Rolled: 5 Characteristic, 2 ChallengeResult: 2 Successes

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A quick review of Stance in Story Mode (core rules..also look up recharge in story):
By default, characters tend to act in the neutral stance and do not
convert stance dice.
In story mode, most characters will act in neutral
stance most of the time. Strictly speaking, they will not make
use of their stance meter, but that is not to say that they cannot
make use of stance dice or the variable effects of different stances
on their action cards.

    At the GM’s discretion, any action can be attempted in any stance,
provided a sufficient story-based justification is offered and the

risks inherent in adopting a stance are accepted. In most cases, only
a single die would be converted to a stance die in story mode, but
for exceptional circumstances GMs may allow additional dice.
    In general, the adoption of a stance is an indication that the action
in question has dramatic weight, which can also be a cue to initiate
encounter mode. If such a check does result in the beginning of an
encounter, the active player may (at the GM’s discretion) begin the
encounter one step deep into his declared stance


[GMing comment:  Normally checks are made in neutral stance in story mode.  Players wanting to change stance in story mode should have good justification to the GM and the GM should note the consequences..maybe add a difficulty for certain stances to that or other related checks and/or when a chaos star or 2 banes result, you can have a theme]



More on the results of your checks shortly.

Edited by Emirikol

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Deidrich orders some wine and bread.  The barmaid smiles at him and raises her eyebrows.  Big spender eh?  The she then proceeds to talk your ear off about her uncle Herbert van Humpert  (and she repeats that name several times) from  and you cant hear anything else.  While trying to see around her and listen, ignoring her every word, she stops and points to the door, "Hey, isn't that the Herr Hendrick guy you were looking for?"  In your nerdish excitement, you stutter and babble, and the barmaid finds that cute.  She plants one on your lips and squeezes your face and says, "Well, go get him Mr. Wizard." She sits down and sighs.  "I always was a sucker for the smart ones."

Deidrich:  You've got to somehow get across the crowded room.  Choose one attempt:

  • Athletics 2d check or
  • 2d coordination or
  • something else



Hanna retreats to a far, far corner and cautiously backs away from all danger (just as a Shallyan should!), but she takes it a little too far.  While skulking backwards, nodding politely to people, she manages to accidentally pull a chair out from under a person about to sit down.  Another person gets blamed for it and an innocent peasant, just here to try to win money so his daughter can see the physician in town to get a tumor removed from her leg, gets beaten to a pulp. Drop your stance back to blue-only and make a (2d) discipline check for all the guilt that rattles you over this.  If you fail, suffer 2 stress (maybe more).  Then make a (1d) First Aid check on the peasant to see if you can help him. If you leave the poor man without attempting the First Aid, make a (2d) Resilience check to avoid gaining 1 corruption (rules are here).



Stickerman, I'll draw you into the action as soon as your character (s) make that first check.



[GMs notes on this scene:  notice lots of skill checks.  The more diverse you make these skill checks right off the bat, the better.  This keeps players on their toes about not min-maxing their character into combat.


Notice the CORRUPTION check I'm having the priestess of Shallya make.  Now, I could have just gone with "lingering" condition..somethign with stress, but we'll got with corruption for now.  Corruption is an 'ok' motivator, but should be reserved for the most serious of things (and exposure to warpstone).  I use it as an "evil act punisher" as well.  In this case, it is just to try out the mechanic as well.  The Rattled or Shocked conditions would also work in this case, and I may use that if she makes her check, but gets a chaos star or 2 banes or something.


The sooner you have a player make a Corruption check (make it easy) the sooner it is on their mind as part of the game.


You want to challenge players in ways that they can't heal their way out of if they fail.




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Envoy Zelda

Wounds: 2

Crit Wounds: Wrenched back

Temp insanity: Agoraphobia 2

Corruption :2


Alfred Roadwarden


Crit Wounds: Traumatic Blow 2

Temp Insanity: Fragile nerves:1

Corruption: 2


After a traumatic few 24 hours in the city Zelda and Alfred arrive, hollow eyed and gaunt at the door of the Red Moon. The night before they spent desperatly hunting for their missing friend, tracking what was left of him down to smouldering pile of flesh stuffed into a drain. Fighting of scavenging beast dogs they retrieved what they coud of his remains and deposited them at the temple garden of Morr.  Standing at the doorway Zelda takes a deep breath, holds her head high and leads Alfred in.

She decides to 'eyeball' and approaches the least drunk patron who still has all his facial features in the right places.


"I can see you are a man who knows this place well and would perhaps know of a man called Vern Hendricks?"



Intimidate Check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 conservative, 2 characteristic:  Result: 1 success and 1 boon.


Alfred  says nothing and simply watches her back. He looks around and listens.


Observation check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 conservative, 1characteristic, 1 trained: Result Badly failed but 1 comet.

Disciplin (resist Intimidation) check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 conservative, 1 characteristic: Result Failed with 1 boon.


Alfred is clearly badly shaken by events from the night before! 

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Zelda begins her conversation with a noble guy who seems to have a monopoly on the corner booth (and all the attractive women in the place..that is, the ones with more than 3 teeth)...   One of the women sitting on his knee sneers in your direction, chomping on some wood-gum, she says, "Lady, do you even knows who youse' talking' to?  Pay your proper respects to Graf von Wolfenjager."  She turns to him and fawns.  He lifts a hand to waive her off and smiles lecherously in Zelda's direction, drunkedness evident; licking his lips.   The elf envoy leans over the table and whispers in his ear.  You're not sure what was said, but the excitement on his face quickly died and he went pale.  The 'Graf' takes a hard gulp and points across the room to a man in the Aschaffenberg livery.  She can see her other two companions have already arrived (Deidrich and the Shallya priest, Hanna).

Zelda will need to make her way across the room to the person being pointed out:

(2d) athletics or coordination check

or something else


Meanwhile, Alfred works diligently to hold off the thugs that wanted to harass Zelda.  He takes a punch the nose (a little blood) and a slap to the head, and his legs begin to fail..people around him are laughing..but he pulls himself up... [suffer 2 fatigue OR 2 stress]

ALFRED: make a 2d Athletics check to keep them at bay  (or try something else) or else he will suffer 2 more stress or fatigue and Zelda will also suffer 2 fatigue or stress from all the groping and shoving that ensues.



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Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 2 Challenge

Result:  2 Challenges

(Such a bad roll....)


Horrified by the harm she caused she quickly apologizes, "I'm sorry, I was the one who knocked over the chair.  Please leave him alone!"  She then quickly falls to her knees beside the hurt peasant and tries to bandage his wounds.


First Aid

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 1 Expertise, 1 Challenge

Result:  3 Successes


She quickly manages to bandage the peasants wounds, apologizing over and over again.

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Diedritch was a bit dumbfounded by the kiss and was flushed bright. Not knowing how else to respond, he thanked her very awkwardly and tried to rush over to Herr Hendrick. He was, unfortunately, too flustered to respond properly, and wasn't able to get over to him.


Athletics (2d)

Rolled: 3 Characteristic, 2 ChallengeResult: None

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Alfred (takes 2 fatigue) then roles an Athletics check: 2 challenge, 1 conservative, 3 characteristic, 1 fortune. Result: everything cancells out except 1 boon


Zelda delicatly threads her way through the throng:

Athletics check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 characteristic 1 conservative (reading the rule on stance in story mode I have reduced it to 1 green die) Result: success with 1 delay.

She tips her head to the figure nursing his beer dressed in the  Aschaffenberg livery and uses her winning smile


Not sure what to role here but I think its an opposed check so Zeldas Fel =4 verses  Vern Hendricks WP=3. The discrepency between the characteristics is one so....1  challenge die? 3 characteristic, 1 conservative. Result: 1 success 


"Good day Sir: My name is Zelda and I believe you must be Herr Hendricks. Myself and my companions are trustworthy and hard working and we would be interested in discussing your proposal." She confidently parks herself down.


Alfred trails after her clutching his nose (but I'm hoping the boon just about gets him to the table)




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The Shallyan:  The thugs leave you alone.  You fix up the Peasant.  He pleads with you to ask Lord Aschaffenberg to help his daughter get to the physician (Dr. Narnscabber).


Deidrich: You get roped into dancing with the Barmaid and some others. Round and round and dos-à-dos.  She's spinning you so fast that you've become dizzy.  You're not quite sure which direction you've ended up and a dance.  The world begins to blur and spin. Colors begin to change and faces begin to distort. You fell the wind of Ulgu begin to manifest around you and a nauseous feeling comes over you.  Make a (2d) Magic Sight skill check (p.113 players guide).


Alfred: You catch up with the Envoy just in time to see what is happening there.


Zelda: You catch up with herr Hendrick.  Hendrick appears to be sitting at a small square table interviewing various thugs and goons.  He's nursing a bandaged, infected hand and writing clumsily with his left.  He seems to have a fever, the chills, and and your competition is badgering him so that your Wining Smile comes through and he says, 'you're it."




“Lord Aschaffenberg is most concerned with the
state of his new manor. He thinks there may be some
kind of rebellion fomenting in the ranks of the staff,
on the whole a shiftless and uncooperative crew to a
man. He wants to hire some people to look into this
matter. Ostensibly you will be there to help unload
the lord’s coach and arrange his furniture, but really
you are to there to covertly spy upon the staff, learn
what you can of any insubordination, and report it
to Lord Aschaffenberg.”

There are herds of beastmen on the move in the
woods around the lodge. Last week a band of the
creatures attacked the manor. They were repulsed
by the guards, but a number of the staff were injured
in the attack. We hit them harder than they hit us,

but they may return if their nerve recovers.”




So, you find yourselves with a job that fits finally! Come in as outsider guests to Lord Aschaffenberg

and help evaluate whats up with his staff.  You will be guests at the manor, simply posing

as architectural advisers and business assistants.




The journey from Ubersreik is long, uncomfortable,
and more than a little boring. The road takes
you through the fertile foothills of the Vorbergland
and through the village of Geissbach. The
weather is sunny and warm, the road is dry, and
you make good time. Herr Hendrick spends most
of the journey complaining about the remoteness of
Grunewald Lodge, the deficiencies of rural folk, and
the pain of his injury.

After leaving Geissbach, the road enters the Reikwald

Forest and the Grey Mountains to the south
disappear behind the dark forest canopy. As the
gloom deepens, Herr Hendrick ceases his complaints
and indeed stops talking altogether. His eyes dart
all around, and he startles at the slightest rustling of
leaves or cry of a woodland creature.



What do you do during the trip out through the wilderness besides the following?  


GM behind the scenes:  The results of these checks will determine how nasty of a first encounter you guys run into.  Really bad results will mean a lot of beastmen.  Good results will mean an easier time.



  • Make a (2d) Stealth or Ride check to try keep your travels quiet.  Use the Perform Stunt action.


Zelda:  The driver is very nervous about the recent attacks and about traveling in general.  Try to motivate him to  keep going with a (2d) Leadership, Discipline PERFORM STUNT action or other applicable special action check.


Alfred the Roadwarden:

  • Make a (2d) Folklore check to determine the safest route and time to go. Use the Perform Stunt action.
  • Make s (2d) Ride check to help try to keep the carriage in good order. Use the Perform Stunt action.


  • Herr Vern Hendrick's hand is infected (Disease severity 2), and he has a critical wound (severity 2); and your comrades are all wounded as well.  You may make one check on each.  


ALL:  What else would you like to do during the journey?

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What exactly do I need to roll to tend to everyone's wounds?  Also, can I use Calming Touch to heal Herr Vern Hendrick's wounds?

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As he spun around, Diedrich winced as the Wind of Ulgu flowed around him.


Magical Sight (2D)

Rolled: 5 Characteristic, 2 Challenge Result: 2 Successes, 1 Bane


When he finally got the job, despite not knowing why his master was making him do this nonsense. He met up with a few others also on this job, which surprised him somewhat. The journey was uncomfortable, and once Herr Hendrick went silent, Diedrich did his best to go quiet as well. The process was...exhausting to say the least.


Stealth (2D)

Rolled: 3 Characteristic, 2 Challenge Result: 1 Success, 2 Banes, 1 Chaos Star


((Succeeds..and I know I'm gaining one fatigue, not sure if I gain another because of the second bane. The Chaos Star is all yours.))


During the rest of his journey, Diedrich watched the others coming with them. Given the fact he was trying to stay quiet, he didn't want to talk, but he did try to watch them and pay attention to what they were doing and the like. Especially the elf, her presence was sort of odd.

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What exactly do I need to roll to tend to everyone's wounds?  Also, can I use Calming Touch to heal Herr Vern Hendrick's wounds?


Each player character has one critical:  You can attempt one of each of your blessings on each PC. It is too late for a first aid check.  Difficulty of the blessings that heal is (2d) as people are critically wounded.


Yes, you can do Calming Touch on Vern.  He is critically wounded so that is (2d).  He is infected with Tomb Rot (severity 3 instead of 5) from the bite of the mutatnt, infected beastman.  Disease recovery.  If you have Medicine acquired, you can assist in his disease recovery..otherwise you can just continue to drain his boils and scrape his rot.


Make a roll for each PC and for vern according to your blessing(s).



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Ok, let me see if I fully understand how this works.  Since we are in story mode it is assumed that I'm at my equilibrium for favour (which is my WP, which is 4).  So I shouldn't need to curry favour to use my blessings.


Calming Touch on Hendricks

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 2 Challenge

Result: 1 Bane (poor hendricks....)

There isn't any result on my card for 1 bane, both of them require 2.  So, what happens?


Unless there is something I'm missing, Calming Touch is the only blessing I have that heals wounds.  I guess I'll use it on everyone.


Calming Touch on Diedrich

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 2 Challenge

Result: 1 challenge


Calming Touch on Zelda

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 2 Challenge

Result: 3 Successes, 1 Boon

(heals a critical wound, and 1 normal wound with the boon)


Calming Touch on Alfred

Rolled: 4 Characteristic, 2 Challenge

Result: 1 Boon, 1 Chaos Star

(boon heals 1 normal wound.  Chaos star is not written on my card)


I think I've done these correctly, if there is something I did wrong/missed tell me.

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A few questions before getting into what Zelda and Alfred are going to do.


1) Is this act played out in story mode- my feeling is that it would be until an actual encounter, though making all these checks makes it feel like encounter mode?


2) have we recovered any fatigue/stress/wounds since we met Hendricks; I would assume this journey is taking place during a new day.


3) Emirikol: getting us to make all these checks is a useful way to learn the game but it also forces the pace and keeps players on the edge of their seats It's much less passive than I would run- I would normally ask if the players want to make a check etc. It still leaves outcomes fairly open which is great. Is this how you normally run it?


4) In the above bar encounter Alfreds horse and his and Zeldas gear, baggage etc were somewhere. I would say lodged at a nearby tavern if pressed. However as GM you could use the chaos star/banes to say their gear has been stolen etc. As a rule do you overlook that kind of detail or make the players account for it. I am torn; for sake of pace I would allow it to magically reappear when players call for it but it misses an opportunity for other storylines to develop.   How do you deal with that sort of 'house keeping' detail?


Alfred is feeling much better: He is out on the open road, his natural domain and the embarrassment and shame of the beating he took in the tavern is behind him. He stands outside gazing at the clouds and  with one finger in the air checking the wind........time to go he asserts


Folklore check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 character, 1 conservative. Result 1 bane..... and promtly gets everyone lost?

Ride check: Rolled 2 challenge, 2 character, 1 conservative,1 trained, 2 fortune (he wants to impress with his riding ability) Result: 1 success, 3 boons! Maybe his horse leads them back onto the right track?


As the group enter the more wooded areas he will attempt to track; looking for recent signs of activity in the mud by the side of the track...

Check: observation; minute detail specialisation. Not sure what to add if anything for a specialisation? Rolled 2 challenge, 2 characteristic, 1 conservative and 1 trained: Result: 2 fails, 1 boon (edit should have added 1 fortune for the specialisation: Result 1 was an added success)


Zelda busies herself trying to get to know Hendricks and to put some steel in his backbone...Leadership check:2 challenge, 2 characteristic, 1 conservative, 1 trained and 1 fortune (for her Envoy ability once per session) Result 2 success, 1 chaos star

She scans the tree line (if its dark under the canopy maybe her night vision helps here?  difficulty1?) for movement.....Observation check: 1 challenge,2 characteristic, 1 conservative, 1 trained. Result: 3 success (1 delay) 1 boon and a good old chaos star!

then she offers to help Hanna using her first aid skill..Rolled 2 challenge, 2 characteristic, 1 conservative, 1 trained .Result: 3 success and 1 chaos!


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