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The Achilus Assault and Space Hulks

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My understanding is that The Achilus Assault has more information on the Space Hulk Mortis Thule.


Does anyone have The Achilus Assault that can indicate how many pages cover the Mortis Thule?  I'm curious how much detail is provided.



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My group in OW is about to get shot into a space hulk via boarding torpedoes.  I feel like a trapped rat already.


Regular guardsmen in a space hulk...


I can see that becoming a nightmare. Also extremely cool in a horror story way.


I can believe guardsmen being sent to do the finishing touches in cleaning up a hulk after the Astartes have gone through it and killed most of the enemies in there. In fact, considering the treasures a hulk contains the Imperium would propably not mind losing a regiment or two if they can salvage the ships and technology inside the hulk.


Actually, I think that Adeptus mechanicus and the navy would also be involved (And unless I'm mistaken the Marines are allowed to loot at least some of the stuff they find from a hulk) so this could create an interesting roleplay scenario as several forces are involved in the reclaiming of the hulk. A hulk already has so many different horrors to throw at the poor Guardsmen but when you add all the rivalries and misunderstandings that can occur it becomes equally wonderful and horrible scenario with so many ways to play out.

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