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The Scumsource Deck

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Two of us cooperated on the deck designing for this, with the goal to be to try and create a competitive Scum deck, since previous designs from us individually have been lackluster compared to other affiliations.


It features 2 of each of the following Objective Sets:


Pod 52- The Hunt for Han Solo

Pod 57- Lucrative Contact

Pod 81- Jabba's Reach

Pod 82- The Tatooine Crash

Pod 86- Feeding the Pit


Initially we were going to focus on capturing, with Dengar playing a strong role in our design, but as we went on, we found a hard time balancing between good and consistent capturing, and strong benefits from capturing. We could usually get one, but not the other, so we decided to scrap that strategy and create something a bit more fun.


This deck does have some capturing, Tatooine Crash (although with not much ability to do stuff with captured cards, at times that ability seems more like a bad decision than a good one), Utinni, which is always good for knocking out powerful LS cards, and Headhunters, effective by either inspiring an opponent to empty out their hand in an edge battle to avoid it's effect, or losing a unit (or at least letting us see one of their cards). Combined with 4 Twist of Fates and 2 Reversal of Fates, and engaging this deck in an edge battle is a stressful and risky proposition.


On top of that, the resource gain this deck can get is absurd. Two Lucrative Contacts, combined with Outer Rim Space Pirates guarantees a free 3 resources a turn, while Bib Fortuna and Ugnaughts provide even more, allowing this deck to easily play nearly anything it wants, including Jabba and the Krayt Dragons. I've seen this deck fill up the board with 12+ units in only a few turns, allowing it to control combat.


From our matches, I have seen two major weaknesses of the deck: Low force bubbles and only the pleasure barge for elite units means it has difficulty holding the force (and winning edge battles, but the Fates help that out). It is able to mitigate this with a large supply of Tactics preventing the opponent from getting it as well, but that ties into it's second weakness: Low blast damage.

When you have 8 units out and none of them have any blast damage, it can be unpleasant. The Krayt Dragon and Spice Visions certainly help out, but this is not an Objective destroying deck. It's a defensive deck with swarm, unusual but seemingly effective. Any thoughts on improvements to the deck, or comments on additional weaknesses or strengths are much appreciated.


Also the Jawas and their Sandcrawlers rock.

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Why do you think it is too much? Is it that it runs four Jawas? So far we haven't had a problem with the Jawas, even drawing 2-4 of them in a turn or two. Being able to always play them is nice, and they work great for defending against something like the Twi'lek loyalist or an equivalent, forcing the opponent to actually participate in an edge battle they weren't intending to care about.

We've also found that bouncing them back to the hand is great for edge battles. If you lose an edge battle and you have 2 or 3 Jawas go back to your hand, and your opponent tries to engage another objective, you now have more cards to engage in the new battle with (which is great if you had earlier emptied your hand to try and win the last one). I could see drawing them being deadweight at times, but since they never have to sit in your hand on your deploy phase, I don't see what would work better. And the Sandcrawlers are great in this deck, really emphasizing the defensive nature of its play.

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