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Stuff My Brother Says

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This is just sort of an honorable mention. I played my first tandem game with my brother, after MONTHS of begging and begging for him to play with me. He finally broke down and we played a game against Azathoth. He liked it enough when we won to want to play another, this time against a random AO (Eihort) and we are still waiting on the results for that game.


The reason for the thread is some of the stuff he said that made me realize just how FUNNY Lovecraft and AH can be when seen by an outsider to the Mythos. Here are a few of the comments he dropped while we were playing:


Situation: I had just been sent to the hospital after fighting three monsters in a row. While there, I got hit with an Encounter that drove me insane when I was grabbed by a not-quite-dead corpse. At the same time, my brother just entered his first otherworld.


Me: Well, I have to head to the Asylum now.

Brother: Great. So while I'm saving the world, you're licking doorknobs.


Situation: I had just gotten Jenny into the position of Deputy and explained the concept of 'First Citizen of Arkham'. When I mentioned that being deputy should count for something towards saving the world...

Me: Yeah, I've got more monster trophies, PLUS I'm Deputy of Arkham.
Brother: What's that get you?
Me: I get a gun I can't lose, a dollar every round and the Patrol Wagon.
Brother: That's not so great.
Me: I can go anywhere I want in Arkham without using movement points.

Brother: No, I mean, the wagon. It's just a little red wagon with a cardboard box on top. Your girl has to drag it to the top of the hill and ride it down the other side. -makes the 'Wee-Woo' siren noise- She only gets past the monsters cause they figure she's too pathetic looking in her little red wagon and paper star to try and stop her.

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Dr. Faust,


     Great comments ~ I can't help but to retell the story of playing AH a few years ago and my brother, his girlfriend, and I managed to get mom to play.  After the second hour and a few glasses a wine, she turned to us and asked, "What do I need to roll to go to bed?"




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