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H: LotR and Netrunner LCG Core sets, board games W: AGoT LCG core set + expansions

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Sorry for the double post (I have a trade thread posted not too far below this one), however I could not figure out how to edit the title of my old trade post...

I have both the Lord of the rings LCG core set plus the Netrunner LCG core set available for trade. They are both in like-new shape, LOTR being played about twice and Netrunner only being played once. I have taken some foamboard and made a new insert for the LoTR LCG box to organize extra cards, a scenario deck, 2 player decks, and the extra bits/tokens. I can take a picture if needed. Both core sets also have sleeves that can be included, but I'd like a bit extra in "trade value" for them since its something like $30 worth of sleeves for both =D.

I also have a few board games on my boardgamegeek trade list (under "bktanner") such as Warmachine High Command, and Battlelore (1st edition) + Call to Arms expansion.

It should be easy to trade 1 core set for another core set, however if possible I'd like to trade off both core sets for an AGoT core set + some expansion packs. Pretty much interested in most any of the expansions, but in particular wouldn't mind the Greyjoy or Targaryen house expansions. Also interested in most any special / promo items /cards for the game.


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