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rotating gm/player needed for warhammer 40k roleplay.

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rotating gm/player needed for warhammer 40k roleplay.

so, another 40k group looking for a gm. but this one's a little different.  YOU'LL GET TO PLAY TOO.  i am a gm of a long running (1.5-2 years, maybe more and from my experience that's a long time for an online campaign) group.  i ran the entirety of "the apostasy gambit" as well as a few sessions of rogue trader and deathwatch as well as one session of black crusade (funny story about that one for a later time).  we are about to start a new campaign and i thought i would take the opportunity to recruit another experienced gm because i would like a chance to play once in a while.  my plan is to rotate every couple months or so.  i am willing to run every setting from the 40k line (even fantasy as long as it's 2e) so any potential gm would get a chance to play in them all as well.  all i ask is that you do the same for me.  i have about 5-7  players (none of which have the experience, inclination, gm) and plan to start whether i find another gm or not.  so, if you're an experienced gm that never gets to play, post or pm and we can discuss details further.  we play on monday nights from 9pm-midnightish EST using maptools 1.87 (and a very minimal framework)  and skype.



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