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The Curse of Cthulhu

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Hello people !

Finally made it to the Register button, after having browsed through those boards for quite a while, on an irregular basis though.

And so I thought I could pop in for a lttle "hello", as I started to play again AH some days ago. Indeed, no one from my reduced gaming group being currently available for RPGing or wargaming, I'm using the solo option from AH as kind of a therapeutic substitute. Or is it just an excuse, maybe ?


Anyway, I just started a little game, using AH, Dunwich and Innsmouth. And it started so well that I thought I coul share - I hope it will bring you some joy and amusement during those hard times, when everything seems to go wrong...


And so, while Great Cthulhu randomly stirs in his slumber, Jim Culver, Akachi Onyele, William Yorick, Carolyn Fern and Ashcan Pete randomly decided to have a go at rescuing the world.


They all have brought the stuff they thought would be the most appropriate to fight back the gooey invasion of their beloved city.

Pete with his dog, his enchanted blade, and a tome he never managed to read, but he has found some clever use for it anyway.

Carolyn was up to the task too, geared, as all psychanalist should be, with a shotgun, a knife, some sort of a mask visibly made of human skin, and a book too, in case she got some time to do a bit of reading.

Yorick has his tommygun, a book of some sort too, but he didn't really care, a cigarette-case that his girlfriend offered him (the last time he saw her, she threw it at his face screaming : "You smell like s__t !") and a big bag containing spare parts of a Dark Young, a Mummy and a Star Vampire. The Padre gave him the mission to unleash a wave of destruction upon the ennemies of the Faith, and so he thought that he could look for some well deserved blessing.

Akachi was just here to do some shopping, and she forgot her medicine bag at home. So the only things she got along were some stones from an outer-space library, a couple spells to call her friends to the party and to banish big time - but only once - a bunch of related monstrous things - though she didn't thought she would need this one, t'was just in case some show up uninvited at the party. She was also looking for the Light of Reason, thinking it would be cool to illuminate the dance-floor.

Jim along with his trumpet, got a useful spell to lure monsters and KKK members to attack him, in order to fight them back with his... whip, or to evade them riding a Shantak, which is less sado-masochistic, but  much more classy and safe. Jim's a good musician, but has no talent for strategy and packing up things.


Things should have started well, but they only should have. Indeed, Jim heard the Siren call, and a portal opened at Devil Reef, from which some batracian dude dived joyfuly in a nearby vortex. Deep Ones rising 1 - Investigators 0.


Jim was supposed to go to the station in order to travel to Innsmouth but, his mind busy fantasizing about that new black chick in town doing a go-go dancing show at the old magic shop, he didn't caught the right train and ended up at Leng.

Akachi decided to have a little trip to the woods. Well, it wasn't a good idea. My gaming group and I aren't used to say "I'm going to the woods" anymore, but rather : "I'm going to be beaten-up by Sheldon gang". And so, Akachi met up with some tough looking guies who started to club her, screaming "Piñata ! Piñata !", and when she opened up her eyes again, she was in some hospital bedroom, stripped to a greater banishment spell.

Yorick put a large bunch of bloody and smelly entrails upon the altar, a faithful and somewhat inane smile brightening his face. Horrified, Father Michael hastily blessed him, before starting to copiously vomit.

Carolyn met up with Pete at the station. He was supposed to have a trip to Innsmouth, as his natural odor would be of some help travelling unspotted there. Pete gave her his book - "I've no use for it anymore, but I've to be honest and tell you that a couple pages are missing", says he, pointing his tumb toward the station lavatories... While, both of them met up with Joey the Rat, but they sent him back digging for unwanted costly stuff.


Then, they heard that some sailor navigating around Devil Reef had strange sightings while four unnatural beings gleefuly dive; screaming "Geronimo !!!", on a vortex along the shore...

Deep Ones rising 5 - Investigators 0.


And so ended the first turn.

To be continued...



Turns 2 to 5


Things went a bit better, the nefarious cultists of Cthulhu deciding to open gates right in Arkham, rather than in back country...


A gate to Leng opened up, just in time to allow Jim to get back to Arkham rather than being LiTaS. He ended up at Hibb's, wondering if all this wasn't just a massive hangover...

Carolyn was ready to embarck to Devil Reef, while Pete went to Dunwich, just to fall from the bridge and ending up cleansed - which wouldn't help for a future undercover mission in Innsmouth...

In Arkham, Akachi was trying to understand what's going on, painfuly gathering some clues, pursued by Eric Colt who immediately fall in love with her exotic dress - so she was speeding up a bit, but he kept following her nonetheless.

William went on a killing spree, chanting and gunning down a Sorceress, a Deep One and a Cultist, but while doing so, he inadvertantly step into a gate leading to Yuggoth... Thinking about the last gumbo he ate at Velma's, he started to hunt the flying prawns over there, a fanatic smile on his lips...



Turns 6 to 13


Carolyn, not impressed by the high divers from Devil Reef, have a go there in order to seal the gate. Then, she made a little trip to Y'ha-nthlei to gather some more clues for the Feds. While her trip to another time has been quite unventful, the Deep Ones lair proved more than a match, and she got stuck there for a (long) while.

After kicking some butts in Dunwich countryside, Pete travelled through time and visited some strange places, and with a lot of indsight and a few sanity left, he ultimately came back to seal the gate. As he found some money during his trip, he quickly went to Innsmouth, in order to send some boat to rescue Carolyn. Alas, the inhabitant of the cursed city quickly realized that something was wrong about his odor, and one of them (a big one of them) asked him the password : "Bliblibliblopblup ?" Trying to remember the "drunkard-after-a-night-at-Hibbs" language, Pete answered : "Blobloblo, blurp, zorgl"... The Star Spawn really didn't liked Pete suggesting that his mother did unspeakable things with a tribe of giant squids, and this communication problem ended-up with Pete awakening in Arkham Hospital...

Jim, having recovered from his hangover but having been delayed a bit by monsters (make a full cauldron of jelly and try to whip it to death, and you'll be able to understand Jim's distress when facing a Shoggoth), tried to make it to innsmouth too, but unfortunately, he barely managed to set a foot out of the bus when Innsmouth streets got invaded by monsters, and the Deep Ones started to alarmingly rose again.

Akachi, reknowned amongst her tribe as one of the best gate sealer around, visibly greatly enjoyed the concept of being LiTaS, which probably reminded her the sensations given by the sacred mushrooms her witch-medicine teacher used to have her smoke to enlightened her spirit. Finally, after a couple attempts, she barely managed to seal one of the gaping gates, disgorging protoplasmic beings in the streets of the town.

William never really recovered from his flying prawn hunting, and his fanatic enthusiasm has fallen flat. For the rest of the game, he decided that staying in Arkham, roaming the streets, mumbling sacred texts to himself, was better for his sanity.


Carolyn finally managed to make it back to Arkham, somewhat propelled there thanks to a king-size butt kick, courtesy of a bypassing Dhole, while Jim was trying to whip out the monsters in the Streets of Innsmouth with one hand (the other one was busy trying to call the Feds). Surrounded by a couple Lloigors, a Servitor of the Outer Gods and a Cultist, he vengefully (and somewhat meanly) dominated this last one, before being sent to Arkham Asylum with a severe schizophrenia.


William was left without clues, just some monster trophies ; Carolyn and Jim had just recovered, clueless too. Pete and Akachi were about to seal the last two gates in turn 14. But the mischievious Old One thought it was enough, and, thanks to his Deep Ones sidekicks, decided to show up at the end of turn 13, and devored the whole team, as they really didn't deserved a better fate !


All in all, after the very bad starting, I suppose its somewhat a victory that they offered such resistance, while being very consistent in their mediocrity :P !



While I'm at it, a few questions came up to my mind during that game :


1) Is it possible to come back from Devil Reef using a Shantak ? As per the rules, I suppose not, but from a background point of view, those are supposed to fly...


2) In an encounter in the Witch-House, the investigator is attacked by Brown Jenkins. Normally, fighting a Rat Thing demands to discard an item, but in the case of this one, the encounter says that if the Investigator lose the fight, Brown robb him. So, how it works ?

a) Discard an item first and, if you lose the fight, discard a second item ?

b) Brown is the cool Rat Dude and only steal your stuff if you don't make the Combat Check ?

Given its Arkham Horror, I would tend to think the right one is a)...


3) If you choose to get an injury or madness card while in Arkham, you are sent to the Hospital or the Asylum. My version of the rules doesn't specify if it actually stops your turn or not. I suppose that an investigator cannot have an encounter there in the same turn, but just to be sure...

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