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Working on ShackTac-inspired intro module, need advice

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At this point everything's very rough - I'm familiar with most of the 40k RPGs but I'm still working my way through parts of the OW core book so this probably won't be done anytime soon.


Basically, I got the idea for it after re-watching an old video from an ARMA group called Shack Tactical, or ShackTac for short.  There's at least four videos of the mission on YouTube, each from a different player.


The mission as a whole involves three squads, mounted in Stryker APCs, heading out to rescue a pair of lost squads who have been cut off from friendly forces.  While the rescue force has access to armour support, that is mainly because the enemy is suspected to have armour of their own.  Dslyecxi's perspective as Charlie Squad Leader starts off with a good summary of the mission and a view on the ground as the rescue force, but I don't want the players to be part of the rescue, I want them in the position of one of the lost squads.  Dslyecxi's video has a link in the description to a view from one of those lost squad members, Taconic, so you can see what I mean.


The idea is to create a tense environment for them, where they don't know when the enemy might find them and having to fight in dense forests as well as cross areas of open ground with zero cover.  As they get closer to the rescue force, the enemy starts finding them and the strength of the forces they have to fight escalates the longer they're lost in the forest.  When they link up with the rescue force, they should be very relieved to hear the familiar sound of a multi-laser blazing away and hope that their column can make it back to base safely.


I've already got the idea to be rolling Awareness checks for the players behind the screen, and I'm going to have a lot of false-positives in there.  I don't know whether he actually saw something, but early on in Taconic's perspective, he was sure he saw an infantry contact through the trees but nobody else could see it.  A little GM-highjacking of the Comrades in the squad could help with this.


Copying Taconic's experience exactly isn't what I'm wanting to do, I'm just using his perspective and the mission setup as a framework.  Rather than the final run to the rescue convoy being rather safe in the video, I want that dash for safety to be an incredibly harrowing experience as the enemy starts hitting them in full force with their only safety being from smoke grenades and the suppressive fire of their squadmates and the Chimeras.  Basically; I'm putting Taconic's video through the Hollywood Ringer.


Two of the main problems I'm having are the Specialities of the player-characters (I'm planning for this to use pregen characters since it's an intro - not a fan of Catachans otherwise I'd just use Eleventh Hour) and what to use for the enemy force.


While I doubt I'd get more than four players, I'd rather have six ready-made PCs, any suggestions on what Specialities to give them?  I've got a homebrew regiment in the works, still tweaking things here and there, but they're most-likely going to be either Line Infantry or Mechanised without the Chimera (if the latter, I'll just add in backstory that it got wrecked along with the squad's larger vox-unit, preventing them from just contacting friendlies and telling them where they are).


As for the enemy force, I'm leaning towards either Heretic Guard or the Severan Dominate.  Ideally, I'd like to port over the Tau from Deathwatch, but I'm worried that even the base Firewarriors would be too much for starting-level OW characters.  Any suggestions for this?



EDIT: Oh, and if you want to see what was up with the yellow car on the runway at the end of the mission in Taconic's perspective, watch CHKilroy's, that's in the video description of Dslyecxi's video as well.

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