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The Raptor

Investigators from the PC game "Nocturne"

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Hi there.


You all made some really cool stuff for the Arkham Horror-experience.

I noticed this forum a while ago and I created a lot of stuff you posted here for my own game.

There are some really cool ideas and mechanics.


Some time ago I had the idea to create Investigators and other stuff for Arkham Horror, based on the PC game Nocturne from 1999.

The game is set around a team of agents working for a secret paranormal division of a government organisation during a time period from 1927 to 1935.


Here is a link to wikipedia where the game is explained.


Maybe you get a good glimpse why I find it very fitting to the setting of Arkham Horror. Especially when you read about Act II ;)


I created some stuff so far (but unfortunately in German).

Maybe you can help me to create some fitting Personal Stories or Mechanics to realize and finish my vision.

I will show you what the investigators should look like:


"The Stranger"


In the video game he's wielding double pistols with Laser sight, a double barrel shotgun or a tommygun, depending on the campaign you are playing. Plus the Pistol can be equipped with several kinds of Ammo (Silver bullets against Werewolves, bullets with Holy Water against Vampires or normal bullets).

He is a "lone wolf", ice-cold and serious in the game.


Svetlana Lupescu (a "Dhampir"): Close-combat with wrist-blades


Scat Dazzle: Having an powerful Ally that can save him from death


Elspeth "Doc" Holliday: A scientist with experimental weapon


For the bad guys I thougt of adding more vampires and werewolves to the monster cup. Maybe also some more undead.

So I could realize Act I and II from the game. In Act III and IV there are mostly human enemies. So this wouldn't fit to the Arkham Horror setting.


For the Great Old Ones there would be:


Count Voicu: A Vampire King (Mechanics could mostly be copied from Avi's Dracula)


Gardath (The Underground God):  Awakened when mine workers broke the seal that imprisoned him, raising undead corpses from their graves


I would be happy if you can give me some feedback about my ideas.

Thank you for your efforts.


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So here are my first 2 investigators.

I hope you can read it properly and my English is good enough.

I'm not used with the English phrases for special gaming mechanics (I'm playing the German version of the game).

Feedback and suggestions for opimization would be nice. Thanks.


(Updated 10.01.2014)






(Updated 10.01.2014)


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And here some of the bad guys...
First a Scenario sheet for additional rules which didn't found place somewhere else.




The following is very similar to Avi's Dracula GOO but I think the mechanics are nice and fitting.




And here the monsters






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"The Stranger"

I'm not a big fan of his first ability.  Not because it isn't good, but actually because it's too good.  That, and it's pretty much a direct copy-paste of The Farmhand's ability.  I think the clause regarding skipping undead horror checks is solid, I almost feel that could be an entire ability on its own and would also be great.  For the second ability, just word it as "Anytime The Stranger would get an ally, he may instead gain 3 clue tokens".


Regarding the weapon choice, I like the idea of modifying the weapon to suit different purposes, but unfortunately there's no reason to use anything but basic ammunition since the bonus never exceeds +4 on any of them. Consider modifying the bonuses on the ammo types to make reloading more worthwhile.


Svetlana Lupescu

Her first ability is fine, though it might be a bit too limited and narrow.  Her second ability seems a bit too detrimental.  Never being able to be blessed means that you can't get rid of curses without rolling them off.  The only payoff is being able to delay yourself for 1 stamina, which is almost never worth it.  If you want her never to be blessed, consider improving the bonus of the ability.


Antique Wristblades are very powerful, but they also seem thematically disappointing.  Try to come up with something a little more unique if you can, like maybe a +3 1-handed weapon that can become +5 if you use both hands.


Count Voicu

Here are the issues I'm seeing with this:

1) It says that if Count Voicu is ever defeated in combat, he returns to the Graveyard.  However, that only applies to combat, so what happens if he gets removed from other means?  If a mythos card cleans him out, or a player kills him with something like Plague of Locusts, Time Bomb or Flute of the Outer Gods, he's gone forever.

2) You keep mentioning Voicu's monster cup, but you never mention what that is and how it's different from the regular monster cup.  Somewhere in your Ancient One you need to specify what the Voicu monster cup is, and specifically what goes inside it, otherwise the players will have no idea what you are talking about.  Even though I see the different monsters here on the website, I still don't know how many of each monster goes in the cup, so don't forget to add that.

3) The final battle is really non-functional, and very swingy. On a 1-2, they are devoured flat out and their last known stamina adds that many doom tokens to the track.  That whole effect is nuts, and it pretty much only needs to happen once for the whole fight to become unwinnable.  Nothing happens on the 3-4, not sure why this is.  On a 5-6, you fight a monster from the Voicu cup, which is fine unless the whole cup is empty.  Then what happens?  I feel like his battle needs to be reworked a bit.

4) What happens to the monsters that get placed on Voicu's sheet?  Do they do anything at all?

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