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Gathering Foretold ENC2 Reinforcements

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Hi Guys!

I have a question for you:


In Gathering Foretold Encounter 2 the Reinforcements rule says the following: 

"At the end of each overlord turn, he may discard 1 fatigue token to place 8 Health worth of monsters from his open groups on the Entrance, respecting group limits."


1.   As I interpret this rule: I can bring/reinforce my army from different groups, I can bring more monsters up to/maximum 8 Health and I only have to take into consideration the group limits.


For example: 4 health worth of monster 1st. open group + 4 health worth of monster 2nd. open group= 2monster-8health


2.   or I can bring as many monsters as i can up to/maximum  8 Health + group limits.


For example: I have 3 dead monster, 1st one 8 health worth monster

                                                            2nd  one 8 health worth monster

                                                            3rd one 4 health worth monster


Can I bring back all of them for 1 fatigue?


which version is the correct one? 


Thank you for your answers in advance!

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The way we understood it.

Setup: 1 open group doesn't get placed during setup. The fatigue tokens allows you to bring that other open group into the game.

I don't have the game in front of me though to look because I gave it to my friend who I still play it with. But that's how I remember we played it.

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