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Mission II: Tooth For a Tooth

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Mission II: Tooth For A Tooth

Vlad strode through the halls of the imperial ship, his cloak flowing gracefully behind him. He checked his gear as he walked down the corridor, his crimson armor glistening and shimmering with gold trim and trinkets. He was finally out of the infirmary and he was ready for revenge on those that were responsible for his nearly fatal wound. By the grace of the Emperor, he had learned that the Ork menace had been sighted on a feudal world called Eleusis in the Jericho Reach.

He had arrived at the armoury after the rest of the Space Marines had arrived for debriefing, which was a perfect time for him to interject and take command of this mission. Without even giving Magnus, the Imperial Fist Veteran who they were assigned to report,  a chance to greet him, Vlad spoke. "My honor demands that I shall lead this mission," Vlad exclaimed with a regal charm. "This Ork fortress will be destroyed under my leadership. I must have vengeance!" Vlad strutted and waved his hand about while giving his speech. Skold immediately laughed heartily as he equipped his heavy bolter pack, using a free hand to pat Vlad on the shoulder. "Then what are we waiting for, brother!?" Skold asked excitedly while gathering his gear together. Broteus nodded in agreement as he picked up a missile launcher. Magnus smirked, the scars on his face complying to his pleasure. "Then say your oath and be gone with you. These Orks will not slay themselves."

The Black Templar, Space Wolf, and Blood Angel took an Oath of Glory, forging a pact to regale and earn great renown with this battle ahead. Vlad snatched up a hand flamer along with his standard gear. He would make sure these Xenos would feel his wrath, with a fury and fire that would eradicate their war band. All geared up, the trio headed to the Thunderhawk that would transport them to the planet. As before, the Stormwarden Rune would pilot them down, dropping them off and keeping a close proximity. With a nod, Rune and the others departed, rocketing towards a world of castles and cults, and now, Orks.

Rune spotted the makeshift fortress that was crudely built next to a coast line. He landed the ship far enough away as to not alert the enemy, giving the others the go ahead to exit and exterminate. Skold stepped out first, his heavy bolter ready to saw anything in half that threatened them. Broteus followed and knelt down next to Skold, scanning the area carefully and waiving out Vlad. The robed Blood Angel waltzed out, sword in hand, hand flamer in the other, ready for revenge. Broteus gave another hand signal and the three proceeded towards the fort.

The coastal region was mostly dead grass and dirt, the sky hung down with a heavy grey cloud range. The water in the distance was a deep green color, causing most of the area to appear drab and dead. The Space Marines approached cautiously as there was not much cover to use.  However, each step seemed to bring them closer and closer to the sounds of gun fire, dakka as the uncouth Orks would call it. Skold could smell fire and fuel burning, steel melting, and squigs squalor. He never cared for wearing his helmet, it always obscured his natural senses. The Space Wolves were savage compared to the other chapters, primal and barbaric, but very effective. This longtooth was pushing four hundred years of service, his gene seed even longer. Battle was in his blood, and he could smell war in the air...he smiled all the while as they neared the walls of the Ork encampment.

They had made it up to the walls without incident, no sightings of greenskins anywhere outside, nor any sentries watching. The dakka fire was very loud now, and Broteus new this to be a good thing. "We should use that noise to our advantage," he proposed to the others. "As long as they keep up that noise, we need not fear being heard." Skold patted Broteus on the shoulder in acceptance, Vlad merely nodded but approved. The men readied their weapons and entered the open gates, ready for a fight.

Inside the walls, the group could see a long structure in front of them, probably the housing for the warboss or nobs. To the right was a small building with smoke pluming from it, and a squig hut just further down. To the left was another small structure with smoke, and beyond that a group of tents and huts for the boyz. The large amount of gunfire they could here was coming from somewhere behind everything else, near the coast line. Before they could make a move though, dakka fire exploded down upon them from above.

Broteus snapped his head up in dismay as he saw a Ork boy on either side of the interior walls manning heavy weaponry. Angry that he had overlooked these interior posts, he fired upon the right tower with zeal and fervor. The cover tore apart, then the gun exploded, shredding the boy into pieces. Skold took a step back and unleashed upon the left tower, collapsing it down upon the ork, crushing it and the gun in turn. "That will not happen again," Broteus exclaimed, annoyed by his low tactical approach. Skold chuckled and replied, "Worry not, Orks are an unpredictable bunch. We are lucky it is not raining squig bombs for no reason." Broteus and Vlad chuckled at the ridiculous jest, even though Skold was correct. Orks were very unpredictable, which makes them even more dangerous than most.

Vlad pointed towards the long house in front of them, motioning them to move up. Broteus cleared the area, he and Skold posting up against the oddly fashioned doorway. "You two take a side and find an opening," Vlad said in a low tone. "I will distract the creatures inside so that we may have the surprise." Broteus took the left side, slicing the corner with efficiency and determination. Skold took the right side, smelling the air to make sure the coast was clear before moving around the edge. Vlad closed his eyes and chanted to himself, preparing the power behind his plan.

Broteus peered in and saw the interior, as well as a very large Ork, most likely a Nob. Skold peeked in from the other side, seeing the large, armoured Ork wielding a heavy club made from metal and who knows what else. The doorway moves open and in steps an Ork boy, causing immediate concern for the others. Had Vlad been caught off guard? Was this boy coming to expose their intrusion? Before Broteus and Skold could make a move, the Ork boy slashed the legs of the larger ork then leapt on the unsuspecting Nob, stabbing downward into the throat and torso of the beast, getting past the armour quite easily. Skold was right, these Orks are unpredictable, killing each other without warning and with ease.

As the two Space Marines readied their weapons to eliminate the treacherous Ork wielding a choppa, it shimmered and disappeared. In its place was Brother Vlad, who was wiping off his power sword of the Nobs blood but leaving it on his armour. "Did you enjoy the show?" Vlad asked over his vox quite proud of himself. "You nearly got yourself shot," Skold replied through the window flap, lowering his weapon and shaking his head. "You young pups are brash and naive. Next time, inform us of your little...plan." Broteus stared at Vlad, trying to burn him with his eyes and anger. "Never play a trick like that again," he stated. "Black Templars exterminate psykers. Witches are damned and destroyed by our Chapter...so watch your gambit next time."

The three met back out front of the now empty structure, eyeing the surroundings once again. "We should clear these buildings before moving on," Broteus said as he surveyed the huts and hovels. "Very well," Vlad replied with a nod. "You can lead the way, but I am still in charge." Broteus ignored the arrogant Librarians words. His task was to complete the mission, effectively and efficiently, that is what mattered most to him. The revenge driven Blood Angel was a wild card due to his blind rage, therefore they would have to take extra precautions. With Broteus on point, the Angels of Death made their way further into the camp.

The three wasted no time in dispatching the orks housed in what could only be a forge of some type near the squig huts. Dashing from window to window, door to door, the three slashed and shot all enemies they found, the enemy barely managing a scream before being slain. They were surgical under Broteus' tactical guidance, expending only necessary ammo and effort to clear the area. With the right side cleared of orks, the squigs were the only group left to destroy. A small group of grots attempted to muster weapons but Vlads hand flamer engulfed all creatures in range. Vlad inhaled deeply the aroma of burning squigs, ashes falling upon his worn face like small trophies.

The left side of the camp was the only threat left, other than the party of dakka fire resounding from down on the coast. Broteus and Vlad entered the other forge where the choppas were being made, stabbing and slashing all of the orks inside, conserving ammo and keeping the deed quiet. Outside, Skold watched over the shacks that housed the ork boys, watching for stragglers and survivors. As the others were finishing inside of the forge, three ork boys lumbered around the corner, their porcine faces caught off guard by the longtooths appearance. They were only able to spout the word "umies!" before being exploded by the heavy bolter fire, which did not stop at their deaths. Skold advanced, his weapon attached with a brace that allows him to move and fire, each step being met with ten shots. He gave the orks no time to react, tearing their tents and huts to rubble within seconds.

Vlad heard the bolter fire and charged out, not wanting to miss any of the glory and blood soaked thrill. Broteus paused for a moment as he was leaving the forge, finding a peculiar object. An Adeptus Astartes issued missile launcher with one missile preloaded. The orks were using it as some sort of rolling pin, the fools. Broteus caught up to the others outside, now lugging about two missile launchers. Skold had finished dispensing rounds now that Vlad was torching the makeshift homes and remaining enemies. He smirked at the Black Templars find and said "I do believe you are ready for war, pup!" Broteus smiled behind his helmet but only nodded. "Is that all of them?" he asked in response. "I do believe so," Vlad said as he stopped and returned from his mission of scorched earth. "Then let us make our way to the coast and finish these orks," Skold said, equipping the extra missile launcher to his back.

The three Space Marines made their way toward the continuous dakka fire that had so generously covered their assault. They darted to and fro between cover and rubble, nearing the makeshift docks the orks had fashioned. Finally, they could see what was causing the large volume of fire, a warboss. Large and adorned in trophies, he had a very large gathering of orks around him and was rallying the masses.

"Dis 'ere wata contains a 'uge beast, one wit 'uge teefs! I WANTS 'EM! Doz teefs will make us da strongest! Biggest teefs around which makes us da biggest boyz around! Git to dem boatz and letz get doz teefs!" The mass of orks cheered wildly and scurried down towards the unstable docks and departing on even more unstable boats. The three Space Marines looked to one another in dismay, each trying to discern what these orks were actually doing on this world. It did not matter though, they were all leaving the docks now and the group had no means of aquatic transport to give chase.

Broteus quickly radioed Rune over his vox and requested pickup. Shortly, the Thunderhawk settled at the end of the nearest dock, allowing the three to board easily. "Did I just see ork boats?" Rune asked in a confused tone. "You did," Vlad replied as he boarded. "It seems the orks are as unpredictable as ever." Skold laughed heartily at the situation and response, his words proven correct once again. Without delay, the four men lifted off in pursuit of the crazed ork warband.

Rune swiftly maneuvered the ship over the green waters, gaining on the enemy quickly. "I count five vessels," Rune voxed to the others. Yet, what he saw next was even more crazy than the ork contraptions. Exploding from the depths, a humongous serpentine creature emerged, immediately receiving dakka fire from the ork boats. "By the Emperor," Rune said in awe. "What is that creature? A Tyranid?" The three other Space Marines all glanced ahead as best they could, easily spotting the immense beast. "Tis a Kraken!" Skold yelled in excitement. "Oh, this is a good day!" 

The Thunderhawk was now nearing the boats enough for the others to fire upon them, yet the looming monster posed a concern. "Stay on opposite ends of the fleet as the beast," Broteus barked at Rune. "Let them waste their fire on the creature and we can eliminate the others with very little resistance." Rune veered the ship over to the opposite end, keeping a constant distance away as the creature circled around the fleet, flailing and snapping. 

With the side doors open, the group was ready to unleash the fury of the Imperium upon these xenox. Broteus and Skold both readied missile launchers and took aim, the weapons resting on their chapter symbols; a wolf for Skold and a black iron cross for Broteus. "Fire," Vlad ordered as he pointed with this blade at the nearest boat. The entire boat was destroyed in a flash, all crew members killed instantly. "One down," Vlad voxed to Rune. "Move us to another."

Rune moved them to another, always watching the beasts movements. A few shots rang across the hull but Rune kept on, placing them along side another war boat. With the missile launchers empty, Skold and Broteus took up their bolters and took aim. Vlad took charge and unleashed a bolt of energy from his sword, exploding the head of the ork on the forward gun. Skold opened fire on the captains area while Broteus focused fire on the mine layers in the rear. More dakka sprayed at them, but the men stood stern and let loose more and more explosive bolter shells into the vehicle. Skold tore through the helm killing the pilot. Broteus' bolter shells ignited the mines and exploded the boats rear, shrapnel killing the few stragglers nearby on deck.

"Two down," Vlad voxed to Rune, again causing him to pilot the ship adjacent another ork boat. This time, more dakka fire sprayed across their Thunderhawk, one round cutting Skolds cheek. With a roar, the Space Wolf unloaded on the rear half and gunners, causing the mine area to explode once again. This time, the boat ramshackled into the next one, both ripping and tearing first, then exploding violently, incinerating the orks on board. Vlad looked at Skold momentarily then voxed to Rune again. "Four down." After a small chuckle, Rune moved them over to the only boat left, of which he could see the large Warboss lumbering about and pointing at the gigantic sea beast.

As they leveled out next to the ship, the Warboss immediately opened fire on the Thunderhawk, his twin-linked gun spitting more rounds than all of the others. This time, the three Space Marines dodged and moved away from the shots, his guttural screams following the dakka. "Yous ain't gonna git ma teefs, Space Marines!" the Warboss yelled. Skold stepped out to return fire but was caught by the volume of fire and knocked down. Rune also struggled with all of the shots as they began to overtake the ship. "Draw his fire and I will slay their leader," Vlad said to Broteus. Without hesistation, the Black Templar stepped out and opened fire on the boat, moving and dodging to the best of his ability.

Vlad gripped his sword tightly and closed his eyes, invoking a strong and ancient power. "By the power of the Blood Angels and Saguinous himself," Vlad yelled as he stepped for, the air becoming chilled as he pointed his sword at the Warboss. "I slay you!" A red bolt of energy twisted around his blade then fired straight through the big orks chestplate, piercing through it and the boat all together. The Warboss continued to fire but began to fall to his knees, his troops still firing at the beast and Broteus. Without warning, the monstrous serpent came down upon the ship, swallowing it hold before disappearing into the deep green waters.

Vlad extended a hand to Skold, helping him up from the floor. "No need to worry Librarian," Skold said as he got to his feet. "I am more angry than wounded." Vlad smirked and replied, "Glad to see you are done laying around on the job." Skold sneered at Vlad and shut the open side door, Broteus closing the opposite one. "Let us be gone from here," Skold yelled to Rune. "I have a mighty thirst and wish to admire my wounds." Rune complied and took them off world, back to the Deathwatch imperial fleet.

Back at the Armoury, the three returned their wargear, including an extra missile launcher. Magnus, with his yellow armor black fist encircled pauldron appeared, nodding in approval at their mission completion. "Indeed," he said with a nod of his head. "I chose the right men for this job. Well done, brothers! Your deeds will be known to many as have your earned much honour and glory. The Emperor surely smiles upon you this day." Broteus as always is not entirely satisfied and speaks out about the mission. "What of the large creature?" he asks Magnus curiously. "It will be hunted down and exterminated," Magnus replies soundly. "Although, you need not worry about that. It is time for you to rest and recover. Soon enough, you will have other matters to worry about."

Magnus salutes across his chest the aquila, two hands forming the twin headed imperial seal, then exits. Skold punches each of the men in the arm to gain their attention. "Shall we head to the mess hall?" he asks excitedly. "We can feast and drink as we each tell of glory. What say you?" Vlad and Broteus nod in compliance and leave the armoury, Skold halting for a moment. "That includes you," Skold said aloud to Rune. The Stormwarden nodded and followed suit, his heavy fur cloak dragging behind him. 

The four mighty Space Marines told one another stories of grandeur and danger, horror and war...fore in the forty first millenium, there is only war.


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