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Android: Netrunner The Card Game Tournament @ The Gamer's Armory

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Please join us on Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 11:00 am for an Android: Netrunner The Card Game Tournament


We will be using contents from the Season 2 Game Night Kit as prizes for this Tournament


The Entry Fee will be $5.00 per person

The number of Rounds will be based upon the number of Participants and each Round will be timed! 


Tournament and Match Structure:

Each Player must bring both 1 Corporation and 1 Runner deck to the Tournament.  Players will play both decks against each opponent.

The Tournament will follow Fantasy Flight Standard Tournament Rules; Swiss Format; 65 minute rounds; Match play consisting of two games – Players alternate playing Corporation and Runner during a match; The winner of each match is the Player with the most match points at the conclusion of the match; The winner of a game scores 10 match points. The loser of a game scores match points equal to the number of agenda points he or she had at the time the game ended; For each game a Player gains 2 prestige; The winner of the match also gains an additional 2 prestige; In the case of a tied match, Players split the prestige for that match (each gaining 1 prestige); If time is called and neither Player has achieved victory, play continues until both Players have completed one turn, if no victory after one turn, no one wins the game


Deck Restrictions:  

A deck must be associated with a single identity card, and cannot contain fewer cards than the minimum deck size value listed on the chosen identity card. A deck cannot have more than three copies of a single card. A deck associated with a Runner identity can never contain Corporation cards, and vice versa.


Prizes will be awarded using the Season Two 2013 Game Night Kit...contents are listed below:

  • Exciting full bleed alternative art cards; two copies of Kate "Mac" McCaffrey and seventeen copies if Scorched Earth
  • An Android: Netrunner The Card Game playmat for the top winner


The Gamer's Armory
683-F Cary Towne Boulevard

Cary, NC  27511
(919) 238-4817

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