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A new idea for a lore design public contest on Talisman

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This is an idea for to let the players to make their own expansions in new boards with new art provided by Fantasy Flight:


I have a very simple and great idea for Talisman, for your consideration:
expansions of only board in various scenarios (winter, sea and islands, forest... of the same size than the core board. The really important is the art, the board itself) for the players to make it.
Maybe downloable of your web. A bit like Descent Vault.
You could make a contest, with winners and so, for the best text ideas for the different "lore-game" artistic motifs (pics) in the new thematic boards.

Or maybe, going beyond, to design a creative tool program for letting the players to make an entire new board with new motifs for Talisman,  a bit in the same spirit of the new MMORPG future games, like Everquest Next, but applied to game boards.
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We could get campaigns, linking Talisman characters to different Talisman realms of game.

In this way of play there is no winner at the end of the game. Instead of it, the focus will be the roleplaying and the end game will be a "to be continued" story towards another, new game, the door to other realm (no region, a new realm with his own regions).

The player characters don´t lose their characteristics, and the "winner" in the previous game achieves a NEW special ability, rolling dices in a table of new special abilities.

As a more complex alternative, we would have class specialization trees of  special abilities, and the winner in each game would achieve his next special ability of that tree.

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