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The future of the Talisman line

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About a next expansion, if you see the Runebound, they made very nice thematic boards, ice, sands, seas, jungle...

The concept of corner boards is fine, and completes the game in an amazing way... however, they are maybe missing some great odds for to expand the game through big core boards, of the same size that the core game.

Only changing the art and some of the text in the locations, and with a new deck, and maybe miniatures, we would have a WHOLE NEW TALISMAN BASED game with a very different flavor.

So, a winter board... the main is too hot!, hehe, or a sea and islands board... a whole forest, or city board... 

The odds are unlimited. In the way they could improve some rules, inlcuding old faqs, and maybe some Relic ideas.



Maybe these other big boards can be another regions of Talisman, or another seasons of the same region. For a playable reason, the first option, i think. So we would have all of our current Talisman with expansions... and the NEXT core board would be a next level, with rules for more powerful characters to explore new regions of Talisman... like, so, the Winter Realm, the Forest Realm, the Island... etc... besides it would be a chance to upgrade some rules, keeping living the main current scenarios of the game, with the current rules.

The game would be playable by all, old players playing old heroes across the old, current, scenarios of the game, and by new players, with new, more powerful heroes, or a mix of both things, of course!

An expansion like this would be almost a new game, really, but they should include in it a new scenario for the "classic" current board, like bridge between the old and the new big board... Something like: In the search of the Winter Realm. The victory would be the discovery of the Doors to the new realm, for example, and maybe the winner player would have any advantage in the new board/region/expansion...

And yes, Timescape could be one! 

I´m sorry if i can´t express myself better... i am from Madrid (Spain)!



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