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Louisville Warhammer Loot Blowout Tournament

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I think Kaine will post the winning deck soon - I hope ;)


There was 13 of us:


2 Dwarfs (my slayers and Kaine's development/"Stand Your Ground" deck - a variation of this: http://deckbox.org/sets/447216)

2 Lizardmen

2 Empire (both control/bounce decks)

1 High Elf (Indirect damage deck)

1 Chaos (Corrupt/control deck)

3 Orcs (2 odd/even decks and one I'm not sure how to categorize)

1 Skaven (rush)


Can't remember what the 13th guy played - but interestingly enough no Wurrzag or DE (or Undead or WE).


There was a tone of fun loot/prizes as promised!


I played this Dwarf deck: http://deckbox.org/sets/574513


The trick is to get developments out (and gain the benefit of Mining Tunnels) and get either a Serpent Slayer with 3 developments in your battlefield (using at least 1 Dance to Loec) or Frenzied Carnasour out there on turn 2.


I "technically" went 2 - 2 (in my last match we had each won one and I was ahead in the third game when they called official time. Though, since neither of us had a shot at advancing to the final 4 we just played it out and he came back! So I kind of went 1-3 unofficially).


I went 6 - 5 in individual games (4 matches: 1-2, 1-2, 2-0, 2-1) and I think I went 6 - 3 in "unofficial" games for the day.


4 of us finished the day off by playing a variant of multiplayer - a non-fulcrum team battle of 2 vs 2, Order vs Chaos. My Dawrf deck and Kaine's Alith Anar HE deck vs Brayheard and Control Chaos decks. We went 1 - 1.


It was a blast!!!

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The last player was a dwarf deck, not sure what type. With only 13 players we had a top 4 after four rounds. The other dwarf player was 4-0 and we had four 3-1 players.

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4 - 0 for those other dwarfs? Man, nice! I never played him. Kaine, you think you can post all the decks used? I'd be interested to see. Also, that Empire deck that was not Cparadis' I heard was cool but never really heard/saw how it worked.

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Sean, can you post your list?

Here is the deck I used:


Rat Swarm x6

Clan Moulder Elite x 3

Clan Rats x3

Clanrat Clawleader x3

Giant Rats  x3

Night Runner x3

Swarm of Bats x2

Greyseer Thanqual x2

Deathmaster Sniktch x2



Warpstone Excavation x3

Skyre District x3

Screaming Bell x3

Paranoia x3



Chittering Horde x3

Death in the shadows x2

Warpstone Experiments x3



We Hates them All x3


The goal of the deck is to go fast. My goal was to create a deck that would very reliably burn a zone on turn two. The deck has multiple ways to do this. The deck can be seen here One of the strengths to this deck is that the skaven draw 2 cards by default but only have two starting resources. My hope was to always start with Warpstone Excavation (to overcome my resource deficiency) or Chittering Horde (giving me up to five extra cards on turn 1). If i did not get one of those two cards in my starting hand, I would usually mulligan. I had decent luck this day. I ended up going second quite a bit and on several occasions I started with one of those two cards and then drew the other on my starting two card draw. My favorite combo which I think I pulled off twice was attacking with Clanrat Claw Leader. This card allows another Skaven to be put into play for free (as long as it has cost 2 or less), but that card goes away at the end of the turn. I used that card to bring the Night Runner into play, and then I would play one or (ideally) two Warpstone experiments on the Nightrunner. This allowed me to attack for a good deal of damage. Then after damage was assigned but before it was applied, I would use the nightrunner action and corrupt to deal indirect damage. 

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SeanXor - after getting smoked by your deck I promptly went home and bulit a similar one! It's not quite as fast as yours but it works pretty similar:




They key/trick is to hopefully draw Warpstone Excavation early. If you can get Clan Rat Claw Leader out first turn you can put into play a Rat Swarm then use Warpstone Experiments on that Rat Swarm since he has to be sacrificed anyway. There’s 4 damage off the bat. Works even better if you’re holding 2 Warpstone Experiments.


Another way is to get Skryre District out in your Kingdom on your first turn along with Warpstone Excavation. The next turn you can get a few units out. By the third turn hopefully you have dropped a few Rat Swarms into your Kingdom (corrupted). Now you spend all 5 on Queek Headtaker, drop any multiple units for free, then sacrifice your corrupted Rat Swarms (or maybe 1 or 2 others) to play Hellpit Abomination. If you’re holding another one you can drop him for free because of Queek’s ability. This works really well if you can draw these cards (which is easier with the 2 power in the quest and now Warpstone Excavation not being limit 1 per deck – this also helps Vermintide go off easier).

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