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Destroy the canons (scenario)

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I am working on a scenario.

In a larger space battle, two of the major ships have navigated side to side and their canons are hamering the hull of the other ship.


In an effort to win the battle both sides have called in their fighter squadrons to assault the canons of the enemy ship.


100p battle


The setup zones for both sides are 20 cm (range 2) form the edge.

Put 4 markers for canons. They must be atleast 10 cm (range 1) from any table edge and any other canons.

The markes are the same size as ship tokens so use these or something the same size.


The canons fire on range 2-3 and have two attack dice. (no focus/TL)

They have 1 hull and 3 shields and dexterity 0.

Pilot skill 0


For collisions they work as asteroids.


The winner is the player that fist destroys all the cannons of the enemy ship

If both players have all their ships killed, the player wins that destroyed most canons



I think that the canons fire 360, but as a test, use the firing arc of the ship token. The canon can rotate 90 as an action (so no dial needed)

They can never rotate towards their friendly table edge



Only the main canon is the mission.

Use a large ship token the same way as the canons but with hull 3  shields 4 and dexterity 0

It only fires on range 3 but has 4 attck dice

The fisrt player to destroy the main canon wins.

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I would recommend a few possible changes.


1) Require the cannons to touch your end of the board. If these are suppose to represent the cannons attached to a capital ship which is firing broadsides, it makes more sense to have them hug the board. Further, this makes manuevering interesting, because if you want to attack them from Range 1, you risk flying off the board, in this case crashing into that capital ship just off the board.


2) At the end of planning phase, just before the movement phase starts, each player gets 2 event tokens. The player with initiative assigned these tokens to his cannons, followed by his opponent. During the attack phase, these tokens can be used to add extra dice for attack. Unused tokens are discarded at the end of the attack phase.


3) OPTIONAL: Cannons fire at the PS of the lowest ship you control. Example: Player has Darth Vader (PS9) and an Academy Pilot (PS1). Cannons fire at PS1. The Academy Pilot is destroyed. The cannons now fire at PS9.

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