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Game over by Turn 18!

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Our latest game using all expansions except the City; I forgot I did not put the City components in the two boxes.  Oops.  


The Party of Adventurers: A Dwarf, a Dread Knight, a Philosopher and a Cleric.

We have decided that when rolling for movement a natural 1 will cause the Werewolf to be active and a natural 2 will cause the Reaper to move so the game does not get bogged down each time a 1 is rolled.
When rolling for initiative, the dwarf wins followed respectively by the Dread Knight, Philosopher and the Cleric. The Dragon King to start the game is Varthrax.

Turn 1: The only thing of interest: The Dwarf gained a craft. LOL
Turn 2: Again the Dwarf is the only one doing anything going to the Temple next turn.....already crossing the river, what danger awaits??? 
Turn 3: The dwarf decides to put the craft to good use and gains a spell at the Temple. The Dread Knight draws Divine Retribution. We have a new Dragon King: Cadorus! Cleric Draws a ring that gains +1 Strength and +1 Craft! A Dungeon Door is drawn from the Deck in the exact location where you can enter the Dungeon. I am going to institute a house rule stating in the unlikely event this ever happens again the adventurer who drew this card can draw a new card. 
Turn 4: The Dwarf rolls the First 1 of the game causing the Werewolf to move!!!! Since it is Nighttime the Werewolf is in his PRIME; when he rolls he encounters the Philospher and forces one life from the philosopher! The Dwarf gained a porter on his turn so he can now carry a lot more stuff and the Philosopher gained a Champion.
Turn 5: Grilipus is the new Dragon King. The Cleric activates the Werewolf who encounters the Dread Knight; the Dread Knight loses a follower. The Philosopher gains a Homonculus. 
Turn 6: The Dwarf draws the first dragon rage token and Grilipus forces the Dwarf to lose his spell summon stormcrow. Oh well, the Dwarf should not have a spell anyway!!! On the Dwarfs turn he does gain Winged Boots. The Dread Knight draws a Unicorn as a follower(Why the unicorn can be a follower to an EVIL character defies me)
Turn 7: Varthrax becomes Dragon King. The Dwarf rolls the First 2 of the night causing the Reaper to move but does not encounter anyone. The Cleric draws another dragon rage token and must discard an ancient artifact. Cadorus becomes Dragon King for one Turn and then we are back to Varthrax being Dragon King.
Turn 8: Dread Knight rolls a 1 and the werewolf is activated but encounters no one. The Cleric rolls a 2 and the Reaper is activated and encounters the Dwarf: the dwarf easily dispatches the DeathStalker.
Turn 9: The Cleric again rolls a 2 and activated the reaper who again encounters the Dwarf; The dwarf rolls a 5 and can teleport Death anywhere he wants. I randomly roll to see which adventurer will encounter the is the Dread Knight who rolls a 1 and his killed and removed from the game.....that is what he gets for having a Unicorn. haha The Philosopher also rolls a 2 but the Reaper encounters no one this time.
Turn 10: The Philospher rolls a 2 and again the Reaper encounters no one. 
Turn 11: The dwarf activates the Werewolf with a 1 but since it is day there is no encounter. The Dwarf gains a Strength at the Temple. He is quickly becoming badass....
Turn 12: The cleric loses all fate to the Fallen Angel.
Turn 13: Dwarf again activates the werewolf who encounters no one. The dwarf gains a quest card and must Kill an enemy worth at least a 5 Trophy. The Cleric rolls a 1 but the Werewolf encounters no one.
Turn 14: Dwarf rolls a 2 but the reaper is still satiated from his previous killing.
Turn 15: The Dwarf kills a Frost Drake worth a Trophy 6 and immediately gains a Talisman: He may now enter the Dragon Tower!!!!! The Cleric rolls a 2 and activates the Reaper who happens to encounter the Philosopher....again the Reaper rolls a 1 and KILLS the Philosopher! Crazy, we are now down to 2 adventurers.
Turn 16: The dwarf continues gaining craft by drinking an Elixir of Wisdom and gaining 2! The Cleric rolls a 2 but the Reaper falls one short of the Dwarf. Uh-Oh, this guy is on a mission!!!
Turn 17: The Cleric rolls a 1 and encounters the Werewolf; The Cleric rolls a 6 and goes on to beat the Griffon on the board gaining 6 trophy points.
Turn 18: The Dwarf rolls a 2 and activates the Reaper; The Grim Reaper rolls a perfect 6 to encounter the Cleric......The Reaper then KILLS the Cleric with a 1!!!!! WTF???? 

This game showed me that the Reaper with a lot of luck can really shape the game! 

So, by default the Dwarf wins: He ended with 5 Strength, 6 Craft, An Eagle Talon worth +1 Strength, a Talisman, a Porter, A Ring for +1 strength and +1 craft, Winged Boots, 3 Gold, 4 Lives and 5 Fate and was currently exploring the Dungeon!!!

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Hah! That was a really short game. How long did it take in time?

you don't draw new characters for someone who dies? Will they just sit and watch for the rest of the gameplay? That might be hours.

I say Reaper was the winner this time! =D

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Much of the time we do not allow new characters.  Our group plays a lot of different miniature and role-playing games so it is not like you sit around.  Talisman is kind of the dumbed-down game we play that does not require a lot of thinking.  We have been playing it for fun since the early 90's with Second Edition.  


This game took about 2 1/2 hours total; drawing scales takes forever.......

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18 turns in 2 1/2 hours...pheww! that is a long time for not many turns. May I suggest you cut down on the expansions ;)


Otherwise, fun to read other people's adventures.

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A Dwarf, Dread Knight, Cleric and Philosopher!


Lol, sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.


Having a last man standing alternative ending scenario is not a bad idea when you are using so many expansions as it can  speed things up.


How come nobody used Fate points to reroll on the reaper table or did nobody have any?

Dwarf, a Dread Knight, a Philosopher and a Cleric.


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