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Because every game needs a couple of absurd ships *L*

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Eagle 5 expansion pack includes:

"Maneuver Dial" capable of "idle" and K1.(K1 AKA "Power slide U-turn" can only be preformed if you have the "Radial Tire Upgrade cards")

Upgrade Cards:

*Radial tires(must have to preform K1)

*8-Track tape player(upgrade that removes stress token, how can you be stressed when you are rockin' out to Van Halen)

*Barf Co-pilot

*Princess Vespa as a gunner. (Gunner would come with custom 20 sided attack dice that have critical hits on all sides, she never misses when her hair gets shot)

*Power steering

*Tinted windows

Evade token would allow you to do donuts or fishtail.

It would only come with 1 pilot card because there's only one man who would dare give Dark Helmet the raspberries..... Lone Starr!

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i would suggest frosted detail just because of the ribbing on the sides.and some of the smaller details. The undercarriage is as thin as possible to save material and therefore cut down on cost so it 'might' not print in WSF. Keeping in mind i only leave WSF open as an option for small ships in case someone (for some reason) desperately needs one and is willing to sacrifice quality for price i do not recommend  it for much of anything, though a few of the larger ships like the Baudo evidently can come out well enough in WSF Polished the smooth finish comes at the cost of detail

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