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"What a piece of junk!"

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Hey all, RedFive here with a little something fun to do...

"Han Solo, I am captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie here tells me you are looking for passage to the Alderan system."

"yes indeed, if it is a fast ship."

"Fast ship? You have never heard of the Millennium Falcon?"

"Should i have?"

"Its the ship that made the Kessel run in less then 12 parsecs. I have out run Imperial Star ships, not the Bulk cruisers, I am talking about the big Corillian ships now. Shes fast enough for you old man."




"she wil make .5 past light speed, She may not look like much but She has got it where it counts kid. I made alot of special modifications my self... BUT! we are a little rushed so, if you will just get on board we will get out of here."





you get one YT-1300 with Han Solo piloting. you may stack as may upgrades as you want on this YT that are legal on the upgrade bar or ship modification cards.

Objective: face a tie swarm for the time it takes for Han and Crew to punch in the Coordinates for the escape into the Hyperdrive module! this takes time since Han and crew must fight off the tie swarm and punch in the controls. this will take 6 turns. if you survive the whole 6 turns or defeat all ties before turn 6 you win and make the jump to light speed!!

Imperial forces :

1x Howl runner
1x Mauler mithil

1x backstabber

3x academy pilots.

this is just for fun and not meant to be competitive. a great reenactment of a favorite scene in Star Wars: New Hope when Han , Chewie, Luke and Leia and the droids escape Imperial Forces and make the Jump to light speed.


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After watching The Empire Strikes Back last night, I actually thought of this with Lando piloting and escaping from Bespin.

Rebels: Lando- Chewbacca, Homing Missile, Falcon Title


Imperials: Howlrunner, Winged Gundark, Night Beast


Set Up: The hyperdrive needs to be repaired in order to make the jump in hyperspace to meet with the Rebel fleet. During the movement phase as an action you can repair the ship instead of making an action. You have to repair for five turns before you can escape. If you have not jumped into hyperdrive by round 12 you have been captured by the Executor's tractor beam.


Additional: TIE's shot down will be replaced by Obsidian Squadron Pilots after 2 turns. They may be placed on any corner of the map.

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i like the idea of the sense of re enforcements arriving....so going with only three TIEs to start, and adding a second wave of three after the first wave is gone, this is a great idea.


i do have Vassal and Skype. PM me.


i also like the escape from Bespin aspect too. if i am correct R2 fixed the issue... so. R2 must be a upgrade on the falcon. LOL, how we gonna do that...there is no astromech upgrade for YT...HAHAHA.

instead of having to forgo a action, at the start of each turn the rebel player must roll a hit die. on the score of a focus result, he repairs the ship. this must be done only once.... if you remember in the escape from bespin....all that was needed from R2 was the turn of a screw! LOL!


very cool ideas guy. i am really glad that you are enjoying this.

stay tuned. i will always be around with more fun and exciting stuff like this.

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For the sake of story you could easily have R2 as the second crew member. Also, if you were to just roll a focus result? That means that it's a 1 in 4 chance on any given turn the Falcon escapes. That's... kinda too much up to chance if you ask me.

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