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Arianne and Art of Seduction

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Short answer, no.


From FAQ 5:


What happens if I reveal The Art of Seduction
(LotR F52) outside of the standard "each
player chooses and reveals plot cards"
framework action window?
The Art of Seduction can only choose an
opponent who is revealing a plot that is not
titled "The Art of Seduction" as part of the
same framework action by which you are
revealing The Art of Seduction. If no opponent
meets this criteria, the "when revealed" effect
on The Art of Seduction does nothing. Note
that a when revealed plot effect that reveals a
new plot card (such as Betrayal at the Wall)
would still be considered a part of the same
framework action window and works with
The Art of Seduction. Any effect that reveals a
new plot outside of this framework, however,

would not work with The Art of Seduction

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