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Newish player looking for serious help with deck building!

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking today for someone who really enjoys brewing up decks and can take the time in his/her busy day to give me a hand.


My friends and I, have just recently decided to build competitive decks. I was looking to maybe build 2 competitive decks out of our card pool. 


Card pool is as follows;


Core set x2

Prince of the Suns

Kings of the Sea

Lords of Winter

Queen of Dragons

A Roll of the Dice

Refugees of War

Sacred Bonds

Ancient Enemies

Mountains of the Moon

Where Loyalty Lies


The obvious 2 decks I'm going to build is mostly likely (but not limited to if someone wants to take a stab at something different..) Targ and Stark just for the simple fact of I have their deluxe expansions. The things is I'm not the best deck builder and I can't seem to grasp the concept of looking online for decks because I just think that unless you have all the cards to be net decking it's probably not the best idea. 


Keep in mind there is no meta game where I am really so any great synergy decks, etc would be great! 


Thanks, Cheers!

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Well the way i started building decks was I pretty much took the suggested decks from the Deluxe expansions and pretty much just played with those.


After I got the feel of those decks I went back and looked through what i had and tried to fit it into the pre-constructed decks and took out what I didn't like or felt didn't work.


Ideally deck building is making a deck that you think is fun, in my opinion experiment with what you have and see what works for your group.

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