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Quick Video Batrep featuring the Starter Box and sound effects!

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I saw your first video as well. Thanks for doing these videos. I have a few suggestions. :)


First, if you want to make this into a true starter video, the first thing I would do is scrap the audio and record a voice over, explaining everything or at least still shots before each turn explaining the rules the viewer is about to see. As it is, it's a bit hard to hear what's going on and I would be confused if I didn't know the rules already. The other option would be to run a new, totally scripted game where you walk the viewer through everything.


I noticed a couple rule errors in this video as well. First, when Mauler Mithel was at range 1, he should have rolled four attack dice, instead of three. 2 from the main weapon, 1 from range 1, and 1 from his special ability. Next, when Luke was shooting through the asteroid, the TIE should have gained an extra dodge die. :)


You've got a decent camera and a good video setup, so it's easy to see the action. I do miss the rolling in a box you did from the first video. This would be particularly nice if you had access to a dedicated dice tray, but it's nice to see the rolls. The play mat you are using is great, since it's colorful enough to look good but not busy enough to distract. It really helps these videos.

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