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Trim My Deck [Stark Siege/Army]

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What it says on the tin; I've got a deck with too many cards I like, and some need to get it in the neck. It's my first deck, so any other general advice welcome, too. Oh, and it's built to be legal in both Melee and Joust, as my group tends to play both.



1 x The Siege of Winterfell, LoW
1 x After the Mummer's Ford, KotS
1 x Search and Detain, HtS
1 x Forgotten Plans, KotStorm
1 x Desolate Passage, TRS
1 x Storm of Swords, LoW
1 x Take Them by Surprise, LoW
1 x Valar Morghulis, Core
Characters: (33, Cost 0: 3, 1: 5, 2: 6, 3: 11, 4+: 8)
1 x Arya Stark, CoS
1 x Brienne of Tarth, PotS
1 x Catelyn Stark, LoW
1 x Damon Dance-For-Me, VD
1 x Jeyne Westerling, ASoS
1 x King Robb's Host, TWot5K
1 x Kyle Condon, APS
1 x Lucas Blackwood, GotC
1 x Maester Luwin, FtC
1 x Robb Stark, KotS
1 x Ser Jorah Mormont, PotS
1 x Syrio Forel, TftRK
3 x Fleet from Wolf's Den, RotK
3 x Guard at Riverrun, LoW
3 x Host of the Bear, LoW
3 x House Umber Berserkers, BoRF
3 x Hungry Mob, CoS
3 x Overzealous Scout, BoRF
3 x The Bastard's Elite, RoR
Locations (11 Resource, 23 Total)
1 x Lord Eddard's Chambers, Core
1 x Street of Steel, Core
1 x Street of Sisters, Core
2 x Narrow Sea, Core
3 x Northern Fiefdoms, Core
1 x The Kingsroad [Winter], FaI
2 x The Kingsroad [summer], FaI

1 x Harrenhal, ODG

2 x Bay of Ice, KotS
2 x High Ground, QoD
2 x King's Pavillion, KotStorm
2 x Training Grounds, LoW
3 x Frozen Outpost, LoW
Events (9):
3 x Make an Example, PotS
3 x The Battle of Ruby Ford, EB
3 x The Battle of the Whispering Wood, EB

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I don't know much about Stark but any reason why you're running with the kingsroad without any way of changing the season?


That said I would suggest getting rid of Ser Jorah Mormont and Overzealous Scout

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